Belfie Anyone?

Roll over “selfie”, there’s a new word buzzing around this 2014 – “belfie”. You know, that self-portrait of one’s behind and posting it on the social network. Celebrities like Ireland Baldwin, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus are all guilty of taking part in this “belfie” photos.

Check out thie “belfie” post of Miley Cyrus…


Vikings Season 2

Vikings season 2 is getting better and better. The TV series continues to impart history and be as educational as in the last series.

The series continues as Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) tries to raid more and more western lands. Giving him the chance to see how other people lives in other lands as contrast to his own people.

Shown in the series also are the struggles of Athelstan as his faith is tested. In Episode 4, Athelstan is nailed on a wooden cross and is awaiting death as punishment for treason.

Vikings Season 2Now on Episode 8, Vikings is a must-see TV series.

And Oh! You shouldn’t miss Episode 7 – the wrath of Ragnar is revealed here.

Arm Accessories to Love

Friends who knew me knew that I had this fancy for arm accessories. Don’t know why. With all the accessories there is, I am one not to miss wearing arm candies. Whether it’s gold accessories or fancy ones – doesn’t matter. As long as it’s bright and colorful and something that perks up my outfit of the day – fair enough!

gold accessory
If you are a friend of mine and thinking of what to give me for holidays? – Now you know what my fancy are. And, to give you no more headache, check MK jewelry at this site. Pretty pretty little things. I love!!!

Rare Concert of Pinoy Rock Legends

Gerry’s Grill proudly presents Senyor Rock, a Pinoy Rock Icons Reunion Concert, which will be held at Hard Rock Café, Glorietta 3, Makati City on April 8, 2014.

Watch the legends of Pinoy Rock Music come together in an epic concert that will surely have you reminiscing the good ol’ days of rock ‘n roll during the 70s and 80s.

Pinoy rock n roll

Ticket price is at 850 Php and can be availed of at Gerry’s Grill branches. Check out their site.

Bill Seeks to Ban Foreign Series on Primetime Television

I have a lot of friends who are fans of Koreanovelas. They’re happy watching it on primetime TV. It’s nothing bad. Viewers have his/her own choice what to watch on TV. If they’re happy watching the said telenovelas, cool.

However, I hope they’re hearing the news lately that these Koreanovelas, or Asianovela and other foreign TV series will be prohibited from showing during primetime TV once a legislation was passed in Congress.

House Bill 3839, otherwise known as “An Act prohibiting the broadcast of foreign television series, also known as teleseryes, during primetime, while the local television industry is recovering, and for other purposes” was authored by Buhay Party-list Rep. Jose “Lito” Atienza

Atienza further added that foreign teleseryes have been airing on primetime schedules of television companies thereby pushing the time slot of Filipino teledramas on a much later time.

“I know that my proposal will cause controversy, but there is need to regulate the entry of foreign teleseryes into primetime programming to promote local creativity and empower Philippine producers to create content and employ more local talents,” Atienza stressed.

I am not so sure how Asianovela fans will react to this.

My take? Shouldn’t be Atienza addressing local producers? That perhaps they should produce telenovelas that may be similar or more better than foreign TV series in order to woe back our local fans and get to consider watching more of our own locally-produced tv series.

Let’s put on the snare and see who comes out a winner on this issue.

Include Yourself into that Infamous Oscar Selfie

Who thought that that infamous Oscar selfie was all over? Nah.

Some people, including me, is still sulking – where am I at that Oscar moment? I should have been there!

Maybe beside Ellen or Bradley :)

Well, it ain’t over yet. I still could find a way to fit myself in that “selfie”.

How? This simple tool will let you upload your own photo and brag it onto your friends that you are there in that Oscar selfie which became the most retweet Tweet of all time.

Effective Outdoor Advertisement

Remember the “Olivia” ad that caught the attention of the passers-by last February? After so many guesses, it turned out the ad was for a rising condominium. Kudos to the ad agency who came up with such an advertorial campaign.

outdoor banner

Image from

What attracted the public’s attention? Definitely, the content got it going. People think a lot what was is all about. Second, the billboard was eye-catching. I wouldn’t know for sure if it’s made of vinyl banners printing but the radiant color and the text was bold enough to send a message to the public.

Lastly, the banners were placed strategically on great locations -the long stretch of a popular avenue where most people are. The ad campaign was a huge success  because all the essential elements needed for an effective advertisement are present.

Hottie Stars Now and Then

Joseph Gordon- Levitt and Emma Watson suddenly is the hottest couple. Er, only that is the recently concluded Oscars. The Internet was abuzz and Excited of how they looked adorable together. I must agree with them, JGL was handsome and dapper and gentleman as he is. While Watson looked as beautiful and dazzling in her Oscar gown.

But, wouldn’t you know how these two looked when they were kids?

Here’s Emma Watson looking like Peter Pan :)

Emma Watson as a kidAnd, JGL in his teen-bop 80′s look…

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a kid

Wonder what other Hollywood hotties looked like when they were kids?