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will and kate after the wedding

AND, the wedding of the century finally concluded. With so much hype created by people and the media alike, the newly-wed royal must be given space for both of them to enjoy their new life as husband and wife. In which, the Duke of Cambridge’s late mother Princess Di never had.

Will and Kate’s wedding may be much grander than Di’s, but, let’s all hope that the love shared by these lovebirds shall be greater than the love poured in by Diana for her prince way back in 1981.

gadget talks

I’ve been salivating over new laptop for the past two years. I am a big HP fan. I have been dreaming of an HP Pavilion dv series. Then came, HP Envy, with an awesome specs: i7 processor, 750 GB of disk space, 6GB DDR III RAM, a dedicated 1GB of VRAM and a 14.5 LED monitor. What a horsepower!

I am not really sure what’s into HP’s, but unlike most techie peeps, who’s wish list probably includes a MAC, or the much hype iPad, HP’s much cheaper than MACs. But way better on the specs.

But,  I shall confined my HP Envy dream on my frozen sub-conscious mind because I still can not carry its cost at around 53k. Ouch!

For now, I shall be romanticing with my antique-old desktop with a slower Pentium processor. Hey, it works just fine with me. I’m not that techie geek ^_^.

The eldest daughter has a Toshiba Satellite (now turning in antiquity, too^_^), with a dual core processor and a hard to use windows vista. Gave it to her in 2008 when she was about to enter college. The lad is using an HP mini note, same with the youngest daughter which is using a Fujitsu netbook in striking red.

For those wishing for an iPad 2, here’s what I find at their Philippine Apple Online Store. Check out their prices. See, what iPad best suits your lifestyle.

For iPad WiFi prices:

16GB WiFi – Php23,990
32GB WiFi – Php28,990
64GB WiFi – Php33,990

For iPad WiFi + 3G:

16GB 3G+WiFi – Php30,990
32GB 3G+WiFi – Php35,990
64GB 3G+WiFi – Php40,990



Nicolas Cage drunk

Is Nicolas Cage reprising his role in his 1995 movie, Leaving Las Vegas, where he played an alcoholic screenwriter?

Guess not. He wasn’t doing a sequel of that movie. He was arrested in New Orleans because he was so drunk, he and his wife had an argument outside of a their supposed residence.

Mr. Cage was taken into custody on suspicion of domestic battery because he was seen grabbing his wife’s arm. The heavily intoxicated actor was nabbed by police inside a taxicab which prompted him to start yelling.

Whois Will Smith’s kids


Attending the Nickelodeon’s 24th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards were siblings, Jaden (of Karate Kid) and Willow, talented son and daughter  of their equally talented and famous dad Will Smith. Jaden pursued acting and acted alongside his father in the movie, In Pursuit of Happiness. While younger sister Willow, also an actress and launched her singing career in 2010.

Whois Glee: Don’t You Want Me

Last episode of Glee was titled Blame it on alcohol. To promote Alcohol Awareness Week, Principal Figgins summons Will and his glee club to do an anti-alcohol song to be performed at the school’s assembly.

At Rachel’s house party, the club was served tickets for wine coolers, and everybody gets drunk. Rachel and Blaine gets to perform a duet via Human League’s Don’t You Want Me.

I like the Human League’s version. Rachel and Blaine’s were cute, though, to target today’s youth. I guess, “Don’t You Want Me” is the band’s most popular singles ever. Human League is an 80’s band, belongs to new wave era, my youth era, where “Together in Electric Dreams”, “Keep Feeling Fascination”, and “Human”, were among my top favorites. I still played them on my mp3 ^_^

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whois american idol season 10

I love me some Elton John’s hits, but, too bad, Thia Megia killed my top favorite, Daniel. And, her dishing out at last night AI double elimination came as a no surprise. I guess, the tween diva needs more maturity as she lacks depth in singing. Her voice has good quality, that,  I don’t argue.

Naima Adedapo, for her reggae beat of EJ’s  I’m still Standing, was somehow offbeat but the viewers cut her out off the competition, too.

AND, for my favorite performer, James Durbin, I guess his Pepsi moment “thingy” was part of a rehearsed remark to drive more AI viewers and more “voters”  before it’s final run this May.

For my topmost favorite and my bet for this year’s season winner, Haley Reinhart. I will add Bennie and the Jets to my lists of EJ’s top hits. Have you noticed how crystal and crisp Haley’s voice is?