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Dixie Chicks’ Not ready To Make Nice

I’m such a sucker for anything country. In fact, I had a friend, the sweetest blogger friend who gifted me this domain, thanks, DHEMZ (I heart you :) ) And, boy! She rocks a pretty, pretty cowboy hat and a cool and hip cowboy boots to boot. Lurve.

Oh, well, she should be rocking like a rodeo because she lives in Texas. Need I say that most of country singers originate in the state?

Dixie Chicks for one. Lead vocalist Natalie Maines, with her husky voice  led the band and hitting the chart top with their country music and infusing bluegrass which I happen to associate with my late dad who listens to Frank Sinatra, and yeah, the great Elvis.

Dixie Chicks often got caught up with controversies regarding their choice of music. While in a London concert prior to the U.S and its allies of the invasion of Iraq, Maines said in the huge audience; “We don’t want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States  is from Texas”. ( Dixie Chicks’ home state).


Because of that incidence, many Americans were offended and banned most of their concerts in the state. Nevertheless, it turned out, great songs managed to hit Grammy’s.

This one’s certainly is one  my favorite…

laptop’s a history

The only recollection I had using this Toshiba Satellite laptop was in October last year. I asked the daughter to leave this one and to bring my netbook instead. The swap happened because of the too many stories relating to this Toshiba.

Now, this laptop was  forever a history. Stolen in the daughter’s boarding house last July 7th, including some of her personal thingies. It was gone! Breaking and forcibly unlocking the house’s room and the three cabinets inside. Daughter (she’s sharing the room with two other girls) is the one who lost the most valuables. Good thing, the digicam and her phone was on her tote that day.The other two lost their wallet and purses with the week’s allowance taken, too.

They reported the theft to the local police. But, who cares. It should never be brought back. Charged to experience. I tell the daughter. Enriching the thief with a laptop so dear to my college lass. Not of the price. Because, as we know, prices of gadgets devalue faster than changing slippers. Bought that Toshiba for P34k in 2008, as a gift for passing the UPCAT, for her graduation in high school and for entering UP. 3 in 1, as she say, then.

The Toshiba Satellite enjoyed by the “sisters” sometime in 2008…

Now a history… 

Nokia C5-03

Tada! The lad had won! He had chosen Nokia C5-03 over the  X3. It’s still running on Symbian Os, I know. But hey, with the war of the budget smart phones, we couldn’t wait for the Finnish firm’s launching of cheaper units, preferably Android. Daydreams over.

Besides, we couldn’t afford the mass hyped iPhone 4 or even the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android 2.2 Froyo. We saw the price at the mall at around P23k, it is the 7″ tablet that has Smartphone capacity. Not our luck :)

Going back to the recent baby…the UNBOXING…

Two days of googling about cheaper smartphones, the lad had decided he’d  go for this one because of its full touchscreen capability. You know how teens are going ga-ga over stuffs in this modern realm of evolving technologies.

Package comes with the basic inclusives; plus SIM card and a 2G microSD…

…plus a lot more features like usable GPRS, MP3, games, Wi-Fi, and a 5-megapixel single camera. (Click here for full specs and prices.)

That’s me trying out the camera at the Abenson store :)

…surely, the 13 year-old lad was too excited trying out his new phone. Read the manual first, sweetie. Ssshhh, he’s in rapture :)

Nokia Touch and Type Smartphones

Torn between these two Smartphones:

Nokia C5-03 mobile phone
Nokia C5-03 mobile phone

Quick specs:

  • 3.2″, bright nHD (640 x 360 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio) display

  • customizable home screen

  • Input methods include full screen QWERTY

  • alphanumeric keypad and handwrite recognition

  • 5 megapixel camera

  • WLAN, Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR, and USB 2.0 High-Speed.

  • GPS and Ovi maps 3.0

Price for Nokia C5 Touch and Type range from P7800 – P8500. (August 2011)

Nokia X3 Touch and Type
Nokia X3 Touch and Type

Quick specs for X3:

  • standard 16-button keypad

  • 2.4-inch QVGA touchscreen

  • 3G, 802.11n WiFi, and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity

  • 9.6mm-thin brushed aluminum shell.

Price for Nokia X3 range from P6700 -P7500.


The almost 14 year-old teenage son is allowed to have a new phone after his Samsung Champ broke down a week ago. He narrowed down his choices between those two, after realizing he can’t ever have the iPhone or even the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the one with phone capability.

What could it be?

Looking for mobile phones lately? Check out cool gadgets, reviews, and prices at

Nokia Philippines (THUMBS UP for this site)

happy birthday C3

This month marks the first year of my blue/grey Nokia C3. Launched the Nokia model July 31 last year as one on the brands affordable smartphones.

Verdict after one year of usage?


  • The casing, although plasticky esp. on the rear, the LCD screen and the keypads were still smudge-free. Thanks to personal care, I guess, despite the many times it hit the cemented floor.

  • Battery still runs good despite wi-fi usage.

  • Wi-fi is okay as long as the connection in your area runs good.


  • Keypads were not too visible in low light. Wished the letter manuscripts should have been in striking color.

  • Wi-fi turns to 3G data, creating mountain high charges on my bill statement. Be sure to sign out all existing data browsing after using.


Ed Westwick for Penshoppe

Did you happen to see ED WESTWICK’s faces on Penshoppe? My! Loving Penshoppe more!

The ED. The Ed who plays Chuck Bass in Tv’s Gossip girl. Yup! The uber hot and sexy male protagonist in the series who drives women (of course, Blair Waldorf is one) with his soft speaking bedroom voice and piercing eyes. Check out more of Ed at Penshoppe Facebook page.

Channel Diamond Bag

This Channel classic  handbag landed on Forbes World’s Most Extravagant Handbag in 2007.

Here’s why.

  • adorned with 334 diamonds totaling 3.56 carats
  • set in 18 carat white gold hardware
  • white alligator skin in matte finished

This is the god of all handbag gods.

MJ’s kids

All grown-up. MJ’s kids rare public display were photograph here at a children’s hospital donating few of their famous father’s artwork.

Blonde and princely Prince  is now a budding teen at 14. Equally charming and getting prettier at 13 is  MJ’s only daughter, Paris. And, the youngest, dark-hair just like his dad is 9 year old Blanket.

Michael Jackson's Children Donate His Art to Children's Hospital