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Sunshine Award

Thank you Dhemz for giving this site to me for FREE. Yes! And, adding this award in your never ending “surprises” keeps my heart hovering 20 feet above my head :) Thanks little sister :)

Let’s play on. Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it.
2. Answer the questions below.
3. Pass it to 10 fabulous bloggers and send them a message to let them know.


* Favorite color?
– I have strong preference for anything red.

* Favorite animal?
– Must be pig :) Because, I get to see lots of them everyday in our pigpen :)

* Favorite number?
– 30. Because that was the day I gave my yes to BF then, hubby now.

* Favorite drink?
– Iced tea. lotsa ice please.

* Facebook or Twitter?
– Facebook.

* Your Passion?
– To be forever in love :)

* Giving or getting presents?
– I’d like to give presents even if there’s no occasion. Stuff that I personally made, that is.

* Favorite Day?
– Friday! Because it always reminded me that the next day is the day the alarm clock is OFF. I can sleep more :)

* Favorite flowers?
– orchids and daisies, and more

Lucky I had found fabulous and thoughtful friends in the blogosphere. That, through their posties, I get to know bits and pieces about them. Thus, sharing this award truly befits them.

Liz, Yami, Kimmy, Manang Kim, Rose, Mirage, Clarissa, Kuya Mel, Zoan, and Mrs. Pinkihan.

From the bottom of my heart, XoXo…

Kumare Klub on TV5

Been watching this early morning show on TV5. Find the trio hosts very funny and entertaining. They provide useful tips and suggestions on the topic that matters most to home makers. Useful tips on gardening, kitchen tips and parenting were few of the many topics they share to viewers. Chiqui Roa-Puno teaches basic dance steps most moms can do at home. They are fun. I had fun watching them everyday. They are good company when you want to avoid disgusting issues from the government, social crimes blaring in the local news. Enough of the headache.

Need something entertaining in the morning while providing essential home tips. Kudos to the trio, Tsang Amy, Nyora Chiqui, and Mommy Tintin. Er, TV5 has surely stole away the biggest stars from either side of the two warring networks. I used to watched Tintin Bersola on a Kapamilya morning show.

What happened?

Check out Kumare Klub on TV5 every 7 in the morning.

Arcade Fun

Much as we wanted to leave these two little girls when we go out grocery shopping, they would always fret at the thought of leaving without them. Thus, we promised to let them enjoy an hour of fun and games at the mall arcade. After that, they would behave like prim and proper little princesses and go along with us on our scheduled rendezvous.

They agreed. And, look how serious they were :)

Doing some feet stompin’…

The colorful play area sans the noise surely attract kiddies to put their energies around here…

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New Lappie

What’s in the blue sleeve?

College daughter purchased this laptop last month. Much that I didn’t approved of the brand, I heard many a negative reviews about the product, she still insisted on buying the unit. Anyway, it is her money.

She is on the end term of her school work loads and she was “forced” to shell out from her savings on buying a new unit after her Toshiba lappie was stolen last July. For a graduating stude, she’s on the process of starting her required thesis which is a precursor to her university graduation next year. Crossing our finger. Please, please, Mighty Heavens.

Thus, a need for new lappie to work on. It’s interesting that she found this unit at a great bargain for 16000 Philippine pesos at PC World in SM Baguio City. Her Toshiba Sat is a lot better, I told her. But, then, it’s a lot pricier, too.

This is by far the biggest purchase daughter has ever done using her own savings :)

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