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dream all you can

The daughter posing beside her cousin’s new RED Honda City. Hmmm. Dream all you can, daughter. Finish your undergraduate course next year. Who knows, five years after, you’ll be driving your own. There’s no such thing as magic, only PERSEVERANCE.

The only way around is through. -Robert Frost

Divine’s Giveaway

I am joining Divine’s Memoirs First Anniversary Giveaway.

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Georyl’s Christmas Giveaway

Since Christmas is a time of giving, a group of bloggers worldwide brings to you Georyl’s Christmas Giveaway.


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Dakota Fanning’s pink perfume

You be the judge. Talented Dakota Fanning recently posed for a Marc Jacobs perfume ad. Critics complained the ad photo was “sexualizing a child”. The former child now teen actress is well, a minor. Some may find the photo as regular as any other racy ads that Hollywood world is famed for.

photo grabbed from

What’s wrong with the photo? Miss Fanning is properly clothe in a polka-dotted dress with nary a sensitive parts shown.

She’s holding the Oh Lola!  perfume bottle with oversize flower on top…between her legs. Thought, the pink bottle was cute, okay :)

You be the judge.

Canon EOS 1100D

Sister-in-law were planning to splurge on a DSLR this time. She was, perhaps, tired of her Sony Cybershot 7.1 megapixel p/s cam. I tag along with her yesterday at the Robinsons Pacific Mall Cabanatuan City. Hoping to find one that she can carry on their next family getaway. Yay. Living the life. Nay for me. Still, no budget for distance air travel. Perhaps, would be just as content traveling locally :)

We browsed three different gadget shops around the area. DSLR prices vary from around 27k (in Philippine pesos) to around 60k. She said she could settle for a kit at around 30-35. Too bad that the one she choose had no available stock, as stocks were due to arrive perhaps this week. What’s available at the shop at her desired price range is the Canon EOS 1100D, priced at 29,999PHP. Swoosh! Told her that she’d better browse at other stores. She might find newer version than the 1100D.

Then, today, as I was browsing for my dream DSLR, I caught this camera deal…at Sis-in-law could save at least 4k off her dough :)


Price: P25999 Discount: 28% Value: P35999

Only P25,999 for the Canon EOS 1100D complete kit! Includes 18-55mm kit lens, 4gb SD memory card, strap, and camera bag! 1-YEAR Service Warranty!


For full product specification, check the MANUAL here.