Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finally gets the 'SNL' treatment


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez received her first Saturday Night Live treatment on the latest episode.

Cast member Melissa Villaseñor played the newly-elected member of Congress in a sketch parodying Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. (The two recently got married.)

Villaseñor’s impression focused largely on Ocasio-Cortez’s optimism as she begins her term in Congress, as well as her frankness about money. The portrayal is mostly kind — it takes more stabs at Ocasio-Cortez’s doubters than the rep-elect herself — although it does paint her as perhaps overly buoyant.

“I’m a millennial, so getting any full time job is overcoming incredible odds,” she says. “I’m actually still working for TaskRabbit.” Read more…

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Source: mashable
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finally gets the 'SNL' treatment