another dramatic idol season

When TMZ leaked out an “unexpected things” that would happen at last night Idol elimination, my mind fired up. And,the result never came to shock me. It was imminent. Somebody’s “dreams” were going to fizzle off, as I had envisioned as early as top 24 performances.

This is definitely a season where I really do missed Simon Cowell on AI. I am sure he wouldn’t used his “save” vote. Oh well, having watched Idol’s past seasons,  i am sorry Randy, this is not a “ridiculous result”. I must admit, I do value pundits clamoring for Hollie’s exit, even the great Jimmy predicted it will be Hollie, Phillip, and Skylar who would be in bottom three. But, knowing the drama (there’s lots of it on AI, I am sure viewers already knew) and by the way America voted, the results were not as surprising as it was.

It was sort of deja vu (oh, sorry, I couldn’t grab any other word for that) for me as I watched the Grammy and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson in the same spot when she was eliminated in Season 3. Miss Hudson was a constant favorite then, yet, it seems American voters always voted the wrong way. Hey, we gotta respect their freedom. Anyways, it was the million votes that feeds the show :). Remember that Chris Daughtry moment? And, that of of Pia Toscano’s fate, who’s singing voice made viewers cry?

What really do shocked me at last night’s elimination was the “shocked” on the idol’s three judges after Ryan announced that it was Jessica Sanchez who posed a threat of getting eliminated. Oh, c’mon! Well, I don’t have grudges with Jessica. But, definitely, she’s another Pia Toscano. Hohummm…Simon would lashed out his signature remarks :)

Oh, yes, Jessica sings well, actually far too well…as to please the judges, but, not the voters who seems to favor male contestants. As what Jimmy has predicted, and, I bet, other viewers out there, THIS IS YET ANOTHER SEASON FOR A MALE WINNER.

Who are you rooting for on this season 11 of AI?

7 thoughts on “another dramatic idol season

  1. chrisair

    I have also posted about this, the look and shocked with jessica was priceless though she deserved to be save, a wake up call to all Filipino and Mexican to vote thoroughly for her

  2. Jessica Cassidy

    I still vote for her not the we have the same name :-) but she is an amazing singer and in fact one of the BEST American Idol contestant ever :-) Sorry Sis, have to contradict you with that hehehe

  3. imriz Post author

    it’s ok, jess. i just wished voters would appreciate her big singing voice because i get frustrated at past seasons contestant where those very talented singers landed only as runner-up. but, what’s great about AI is even those non-winners were getting contracts, too, and were actually far more popular than title-getters :)
    thanks for your lovely comment.

  4. Martine | Work at Home Mom Writer

    I think Jessica is simply a victim of circumstance. There’s never been an Asian winner for AI, simply because the majority doesn’t really vote for the BEST singer, just the favorite (with the exception, of course, in the seasons which awarded REAL deserving winners with the AI crown, such as David Cook, Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson).

    1. imriz Post author

      that’s what i have been meaning to say, not yet AI produced an Asian winner, and that majority of the voters tend to be females (most are teens) who prefer guy contestants :)…but, with the recent booting out of colton…there’s supposed to be more drama going on with the show.

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