another scented baby

Uh-oh, surprise, surprise. Another one for my perfume collection…It came today as a gift from Melissa, my uber sweet Aussie sister-in-law :) Almost all of my kikay stuff and perfumes came from her.

Versace, Dunhill scents

Lauren by Ralph Lauren

ck one by Calvin Klein

Showtime (Kylie Minogue) and Angel (Thierry Mugler)

Aw, thanks for those Mel…xoxo

15 thoughts on “another scented baby

  1. Betchay

    Woohooo! how nice,I love perfume too but my hubby’s sensitive nose can not take it,so I always end up using mild cologne instead. visiting from 366 BPC :)

  2. Rcel

    that is a sweet present! what a sweet SIL you got! and, did i say i can smell the fragrance out here? LOL

    visiting for yesterday’s BPC. :)

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