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Iron Man 3 on Imax 3D

Catch the charismatic Tony Stark as he sets out on a journey of rebuilding and retribution in IRON MAN 3.

Iron Man 3 3DWe’ve catch the movie on Imax 3D at Sm Baguio’s Cinema last Sunday night. And, boy! we had a blast! Tickets are at 250 Php.

Iron Man 3 @ SM BaguioNeed I say more about the movie? For action movie zealots out there? You’ll feel like glass were like blasting off your face :) Worth the night out with the family.

staycation activities

As a family, we do lots of al fresco dining and enjoyed having barbecues especially on weekends. If we aren’t engaged in movie marathons or book reading, and, as long as the weather permits, we go out in the yard and had fun. It’s one of our staycation activities. We spend the days chatting, telling stories, or, simply bonding as a family. It’s a fun and great way to spend precious time with the whole family. I just wished we could have marmot sleeping bag because most of the times we enjoyed just chatting and laughing and we hardly noticed that it’s nearing midnight already.

What’s your staycation idea?

bumping cars at Baguio City

When we hiked off to Baguio City last December to celebrate Christmas there, we had all the best days of our lives just going to places, and dining, and some shopping. Best of all, we all had the time to bond together.

Even the simplest activity like riding bump car along with my little daughter is a chance I never let to pass. So before checking out that ludwig drums at musicians friend to give as gift to a friend on Christmas day, we hurried off to the recreation center at Burnham park and bid our time laughing, screaming and bumping each other’s cars.

Bump cars is at 50 PHP for every 10 minutes ride. The recreation center can be found at the center of the biking area in Burnham Park. There are a whole lot of things to do there aside from bump cars. Rolling skating, and some other kiddie fun rides, too.

showing interest in music

We did checked out ludwig drums at musicians friend because the little daughter looks persistent in learning how to play the musical instrument in summer. She’s showing interest in musical instruments lately. Even showing her dad that she’s learning how to play a tune on his cousin’s guitar.

The dad seemed to be buying the idea. But, I am hesitant because the daughter has been so feeble minded. She’s on to many things -dancing, singing, and drawing. I’d say, let’s wait until the summer before we could get her a new set.

colder family getaway

Has the weather or season’s have already changed? At this time of the year, we should be experiencing colder temperatures even in the afternoons. But high and lo! Daytime lately is like experiencing mid-summer’s days. With heat rising up at 33 degrees. What had been happening, Earth?

The afternoon heat had made us plan to spend a few days in Baguio City perhaps next week when the kids had their off from school, or after Christmas when we couldn’t set up our schedules altogether. In lieu of this planned “highland getaway”, we are sourcing out kerrits stuff to bring so we could spend one day horse-riding on Wright’s Park. And, yes, a trip to nearby Camp John Hay. We’ve heard of the many new adventures going on there. Family plus vacation sans the heat equals total fun in a colder place.

movie marathons on rainy days

Rainy days like these are the best times to just stay indoors and curl up in bed all day to enjoy the cold weather. Or, in our case, the best day to catch up with movies. Whether streaming videos online or just catching up with local cable channel, there’s plenty of movies to watch.

Like yesterday, we caught up with an old action movie starring Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper. It is an action-packed movie with lots of blasting and explosion. There was this scene where moving pallets with luxurious cars in them, were shown and after a while, the cars exploded with a mighty blast.

The movie is exciting enough to last 2 hours of torrential rains here in our place.

weekend with Spiderman

I can smell the weekend. The kids are getting excited for a movie date with Mr. Spidey. We’re expecting more people will cram the movie houses since it is the first week that the movie, The Amazing Spiderman”, will be shown here in our place.

For parents who will be toting their children with them on a weekend movie, I suggest  to inform them or remind them what to do in circumstantial cases. When in long queue which is evident in blockbuster movies, make sure that the kids stay along rope stanchions near theater entrances so as not be strayed away from their parents.

listing Christmas gifts this early

It’s only halfway through 2012. Yet, I am beginning to think of Christmas. Gifts. Yay! I know it is too early. But, then, frugal shopper that I am, I love to see the flooding of clearance sales on the coming lean months. Wished that I could have the dough so I could take advantage of sales and discounts on low season.

Will look forward to the realization of a teen’s dream: A drum and percussion set. The day he’d shown interest in playing guitar, we were amazed. And, whose parents ain’t gonna be thrilled knowing their kids be interested in music and playing instruments? Who knows, we might get lucky finding value prices at apogee , then, the lad would be more inspired at his new-found interest.

For now, it shall be work, work, and more work. Pretty pretty please 

finding a career out of semi trucks

Happy to know that my niece’s husband has got back here in the Philippines after two years of working as a driver in the Middle East. Two years being away from his family has put a toll on his health. He lose considerable amount of weight because of erratic working schedule. Plus, driving long hours in the desert where mostly he spent nights sleeping at the back of his huge truck. For two years, his truck has been his home.

He was allowed a 45-day vacation by his company. But, hearing his plight and how he tells his family the breach in his salary, receiving 20% less of what was in the contract, his father decided not to let him return driving in the dry dessert.

Google image

His father gave him an option. The father would lend portion of his retirement benefits to buy his son a truck. Father and son visited semi trucks for sale around town until they have decided for one. The father then helped out the son acquired financing term.

Almost a year after that, my niece and her husband were finally happy at the new career given to them. For now, he had been enjoying driving long roads amidst beautiful rural scenery rather than long deserted desert roads.

Isn’t it heartwarming seeing a family reunited while at the same time finding a career that would support a family?…in your native land.