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Surfing At A Wifi Hotspot

The effect of power outages due to typhoon Santi. I need to clamber up the city to find a Wifi hotspot. I thought it’ll be very easy to find a cybercafe. However with the city still reeling on power failure -with power relying only on stand-by generator sets – I had to queue for a vacant seat at Gloria Jeans.

Good thing, we went to the city tagging my laptop with me -as I had thought the lone Internet shop in the city mall would be packed with people. Oh! Yeah. People lining up could be a hundred meters! True.

Gloria Jeans was the only shop that has good Wifi service. After nearly an hour of waiting outside the shop’s glass door, I was given a seat.

And, my order was tabbed. Php 280 for an Iced Coffee and a slice of Sansrival. Good thing the slice was generous and was quite delicious.

gloria jeans

Such was the price of Internet when power is down in most parts of the town/province.

Library Into Your Tiny Hand

Who’s up for reading classic books? And, oh! You don’t have to go to the library and carry the bulk of it. You don’t have to pay for each of those great books at Amazon for your Kindle or Nook.

Just push it on your drive…
Books on flash drive
And, you get to read all those amazing literature of such classic authors as Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde and many more.

Can you imagine a big library into your tiny hands?

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Maintenance Of SLR Camera

Our pocket Digicam (Sony DSC T70, an earlier full-touchscreen point and shoot camera) was showing signs of “retirement”. It has been with us for a good 5 1/2 years already. I couldn’t remember the many times it was knocked down on the floor. Yet it survive. However, at this rate, the system is showing slow performance i. e slow response in opening up, and, that the photos were not the usual clear and precise as it was before. We have resetted the settings, with no shown better results. Should we finally retire it?

With this newer camera, Nikong D3200 which we bought last December, I wonder how much serviceable life should we expect.

Nikon D3200

With this SLR, I noticed how the lens get dirtied in the few months we have been using it. The sensitivity of the parts and the lacked of knowledge on how to properly maintain the above SLR, we are hesitant to touch and clean the unit even if there’s proper care and maintenance guidelines on the manual.

We were thinking of bringing the unit to the designated service center for we believe they are well-trained to handle the unit. Anyway, the unit’s still has a few months of free-service warranty.

BBM Chat soon available for Android, IOS

The all-time favorite chat application, the BBM Chat, by Blackberry will soon be accessed through other platforms including Android and iPhone OS.

But this news shouldn’t come as a surprise. Years ago, even before smartphones and iPhones have come into the tech limelight, this move has always been hinted by Blackberry. Why it took them many years before finally making this into realization, that we do not know.

What should be celebrated over this news, nevertheless, is that fact that now, we can communicate with other people regardless of the OS we are using. When you’re a BB user and you’re friend has iPhone, you can still communicate to each other via BBM Chat.

For sure this news is good news to the 60 million active BBM users. And this number is likely to soar with this development by Blackberry.



Social Suicide? Facebook says No

Have you come to a point where you are just tired of the online social world that you just want to entirely delete your FB account? This new app could have been your refuge, only that Facebook has cut its life short.

Social Roulette, an app which gives users a one in six chance of deleting their accounts in online networking sites, has been blocked in Facebook even before gaining popularity. According to the site’s administrators, the app has violated its policies thus leading them to such action.

image from

image from

Launched on May 10, the app was dubbed as “a game of chance where your identity is the grand prize.” It is the online version of the Russian Roulette, the deadly game which involves similar 1-in-six chance and, an actual gun.

Social Roulette could have been an extremely exciting way of finally claiming your own life, well, in the virtual world. After all, Facebook and other sites have become so dull and routinely that there’s nothing really significant to do in it.

But would I be taking that one in six chance? Perhaps I wouldn’t. I’d just hope and wait that something exciting is bound to unfold in Facebook soon.


4pics 1word

Finally, there’s one online game that I can play and truly enjoy. 4pics 1word. Need I say more. I know a lot of people are into it, too. I often see a lot of my Facebook friends posting screenshots of the app especially when they would ask to help them get the correct answers to the photos.

I got interested. I asked the the little daughter to find and install the app on my iPod. Good thing, the app supports the iPod. From then on, I or shall we say, all of us here in the house is getting addicted to the game. I had to forego cleaning the metal storage cabinets just to solve some puzzles :)

Each puzzle consist of 4 different photos. Fun out what are common among them or how the photos are related in order to solve the puzzle.

4pics 1word 4pics

Requirements to play 4pics 1word: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd, 4th, 5th generation) and iPad. You’ll be needing iOS 5.0 or later to download the app. The app is also available for download at any Android-capable (2.2 version and up) devices. It’s a free app but coins to purchase are available to amp-up your gaming.

Definitely, 4pics 1word is an entertaining game. Everyone in the family would surely have fun solving word puzzles.

Have you tried this game on your tablet?

Samsung Tablet and Product Warranties

Semestral break last year (October 2012) when the daughter purchased this new gadget. At 20, she has achieved that much in terms of financial freedom. She’s into online selling (anything of value…even small screws , as we try to kid her) she sells it online^_^) She started as a reseller which soon after she learned where to source out her wares, she embarked on her own online business. That’s the reason she has been earning on her own and has allowed her to buy stuff she like and gadgets. In fact she purchased her own Laptop some two years ago for 16k PHP. And, next is this Samsung Galaxy Tab for around18k PHP that time.

The mini iPad wasn’t yet available that time, and because this tablet has phone functionality, she opted for this model. She bought this at Abenson’s Robinsons Pacific Cabanatuan branch. It also comes with a free ordinary Samsung phone.


I asked why she didn’t choose the bigger one. She said she opted for this 7.o inches monitor so she could easily slide it in her tote. She added, she need not the bigger model because she had too many gadgets on her tote. Sometimes her Laptop which she carries in her university, and, her two phones (both for business purposes^_^).

Testing the touchscreen…

So, there’s her gadget purchase last year. Please don’t ask me why kids do need to have all the gadgets which are out in the market. I honestly don’t know why :)

The Samsung Tablet isn’t Charging Properly. What happened?

Now, here’s one story I would like to share about that tablet. Just this February, she phoned me telling me that there seems to be problem concerning the tablet. It won’t charged. Good thing, she need not go home to bring her tablet for checking or repairs. She went to the manufacturer’s service center (Samsung) and replaced the charger – FOR FREE.

How Important are Warranties?

That’s how important product warranties are. The product you purchased on the merchant is protected by the manufacturer’s warranty. Hence, the manufacturer cover the cost of repairs in case the product malfunctions. They are also warranted (the manufacturer) in case the product is found defective and needs replacement.

Manufacturer’s warranties gives us the assurance that our purchases are protected in the event of a failure.

Thus, to keep our money safe and free from ensuing headaches for repair costs, it is best to buy from refutable shops that provides maximum warranty on the product they sell. Selling price may cost more -the daughter pays P18600 at Abensons while at online store , it is priced at P16200 at that time. P2400 savings? Maybe. Let’s checked on…

Online Shopping has its perks but BEWARE. Ask for specifics on WARRANTIES.

In today’s online shopping trend, we, buyers are tempted to buy online because of the convenience it provides. This proves to be true. However, because of the density of online shops crawling the web nowadays, competition becomes tougher. Online stores tend to outrun each other by luring more clients with freebies, discounts, free shipping and lower prices as compared to other websites offering the same product.

Online shoppers, beware. Especially for gadgets or appliances. These products are generally sophisticated. Factors may cause malfunctioning like shipment. Although, online shops may promise free repairs or replacement, one question buyer must have popped out to online shops is, “Who pays for shipping in case I return the product I purchased?” Plus another question, “Still, who pays for the item when it will be shipped to the buyer after being repaired or replaced?”

DO NOT BE FOOLED by lower prices or discounts.

Too many questions. I do not say, online shopping posed too many a hazard. Actually, it is. Buyers should know how to weigh the pros and the cons.

One last thing, if you happen to see this on your favorite gadget online store:

WARRANTY: One (1) Year (Retailer’s Name) Service Warranty. Three (3) Days Unit Replacement in-case of factory defect.

That’s translated to: If you broke your gadget on the 7th day of usage, it can not be replaced with a new unit. Plus, the burden of going to or shipping the product back to the retailer. Moreover, since retailer is not covered by manufacturer’s warranty, buyers will have to shoulder the replacement part/s.

Parting tip.

Shop in refutable companies. Check the company. How long are they operating? Check also in forums or blog reviews because these are the buyers who will conduct fair and honest reviews about their actual experiences.

Have you experience shopping online and found out that the product you purchased is defective? How did the retailer extend help -in terms of services and fees?


Top 5 DSLR under $500 – A Perfect Valentine’s Gift for a Photography Hobbyist

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. For sure a lot of people are now starting to buy Valentine’s gifts or presents for their loved ones -either for their partner, their parents, their kids or even for their friends.

If you are looking for a gift suggestion for a photography hobbyist, then you are in luck today because below, I will give you my top 5 choices of DSLR cameras under $500 (some of they are on sale as of this writing). They are not that expensive but the specs and features they have are top notch. Without further delay, here is my list.

1. Canon EOS 1000D Kit 10 MP DSLR with 18-55mm Lens

According to its manufacturers and creators, this camera is the smallest and lightest Digital EOS model yet, the EOS 1000D weighs just 450g – and is ergonomically designed for comfortable handling.


10.1 Megapixel

3.0x Optical Zoom

2.5″ LCD screen

DIGIC III processor for rapid operation and superior imaging

2. Nikon D3100 14.2 MP DSLR

A camera that can use maximum ISO of 3200 (expandable to ISO 12800). If you don’t want any camera-shake blur for your photos or images, this one is good for you (or for the person who will receive this as a gift from you)


14.2 Megapixel

Nikon F mount

3.0″ LCD screen

3. Nikon D3000 10.2 MP with 3x 18-55mm lens

A basic, simple and easy to use camera yet very effective that even advanced and pro digital photographer will surely love.



3x Optical zoom

6 Automatic Exposure Scene Modes

4. Nikon D3100 Kit 18-55 MM VR Lens

Another easy to use Nikon camera with great functionality.



3-inch monitor with One-Touch Live View shooting and movie capture

5. Nikon D3000 with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX VR Nikkor Zoom Lens



Nikon EXPEED image processing

3.0-inch color LCD screen

I hope you find my above personal list a very useful one for you especially for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. If you wanted to buy one or two of above mentioned DSLR cameras, you can check out online stores like Lazada.Com.Ph and WeeMall.Com. They are having promos and offers huge discounts for this Love Month season. Better take advantage of it for huge savings.

is it okay to unlock your phone?

Is it unlawful to unlocked a Smartphone? You purchased a phone up into this carrier and you have signed up a humongous paper that adheres to their contract and you’re just as happy because you finally have a brand new top of the line Smartphone. Yet, after a while, you got fed up with the restrictions and wanted to get out of the carrier’s services.

You begin unlocking your phone. Is it legal? I guess, it is. When you are not violating your contract. As we know, carrier sets up time span until you’re released of your “obligation” to be under contract with them. Until such time, you can never unlock your phone. That’s the rule.

If by chance, you got fed up and decided to unlock your unit, then, you might better beware. In as much as there’s no law carrying, buying, or unlocking used or brand new phones, the law was created to protect the interest of the carriers.

Bottom line, we can purchase unlocked phone without us us having the guilt of breaking a law. We can purchase locked phone in any carrier we chose without being unlawful. Exactly. But, unlocking the phone without the carrier’s permission…that is the BIG QUESTION!