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Social Suicide? Facebook says No

Have you come to a point where you are just tired of the online social world that you just want to entirely delete your FB account? This new app could have been your refuge, only that Facebook has cut its life short.

Social Roulette, an app which gives users a one in six chance of deleting their accounts in online networking sites, has been blocked in Facebook even before gaining popularity. According to the site’s administrators, the app has violated its policies thus leading them to such action.

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Launched on May 10, the app was dubbed as “a game of chance where your identity is the grand prize.” It is the online version of the Russian Roulette, the deadly game which involves similar 1-in-six chance and, an actual gun.

Social Roulette could have been an extremely exciting way of finally claiming your own life, well, in the virtual world. After all, Facebook and other sites have become so dull and routinely that there’s nothing really significant to do in it.

But would I be taking that one in six chance? Perhaps I wouldn’t. I’d just hope and wait that something exciting is bound to unfold in Facebook soon.


Nourishment products for felines

Cats are highly likely to be fussy eaters which have to be closely observed so that they eat properly, consume the adequate amount of food per day and maintain an ideal weight and body shape. There are products on the market which are designed to determine pets to consume the food without being forced and enjoy every meal. Royal Canin Exigent aims to tempt cats with three nourishment options: aromatic attraction, protein preference and savor sensation. Each of these products encourages the cat to feed properly and make the owner’s life easier, relieving him/her from having to constantly worry about the pet’s health condition.

Another useful product provided by this particular brand is addressed to the pet which have surpassed the age of 12 and therefore might develop sensibilities to certain ingredients. Including antioxidants in the recipe helps felines through the ageing process ensuring a healthy transition. This option is available for purchase in different quantities such as 4 kg, 2 kg, 400g or 85g pouches.  Depending on the amounts consumed by the cat, owners can select the best choice.  Appropriate nourishment ensures a healthy immune system which prevents illnesses from appearing. Royal Canine Ageing should be taken into consideration when analyzing the available product on the market.

Sensitivity of the digestive system may easily develop and could be difficult to identify. Such problems prevent the cat from feeding properly and also affect the overall well being of the pet. Not being able to ingest the food properly could lead to complications and severe discomfort. Products based on fibres and certain proteins are indicated in such cases because they assist with intestinal transit, being easy to digest.

Royal Canin Digestive Comfort aims to help cats with delicate digestive tracts cope with the entire process and make it easier to complete. The feline will be encouraged to properly chew the food before swallowing it. This is possible due to the texture and shape of the food which has been specially designed to suit this purpose. The food intake will be naturally slowed down and this leads to a reduced risk of regurgitation.

stem cell therapy

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There has been growing interest among our local celebrities and high profile citizens about stem cell therapy. While some of them have highly professed that they have undergone treatment, others are still hesitant about the procedure.

Research and studies are continuing in modern labs across the world to fully established the potency of the so-called ”medical breakthrough”. Stem cell  therapy aims to cure diseases  and that, it may be of help to reverse the aging process.

But, unless fully established, people seeking medical treatments should  be wary. They should try to make their own research of the facilities and doctors practicing stem cell therapies.

hard habit to break

On the mall we  visited recently, the husband was quick to checked on the cigar sampler specials displayed in one shop. Cigars were made of the finest tobacco and said to be highly priced and sought after by avid collectors.

I had to pull out the husband out of the store immediately. Lest he might be drowned to the strong aroma wafting all throughout the shop and spend thousand pesos buying stuff.

respiratory illnesses

Last week, teenage son went home from school not feeling too well. He said he felt dizzy and he had a terrible headache. Told him to rest and never worry about his being absent in his other classes. I will just have to make a letter addressed to his class adviser regarding his condition.

The next day, he seems okay and decided he’d attend school. By late afternoon that same day, the youngest child went home from her school feeling feverish. For the next two days, both kids shows signs of the common colds and worsening coughs.

We called up their pediatrician’s clinic and asked an appointment. The following day, we brought the two kids to the clinic. There were many patients in queue that day. We were greeted by the doctor’s staffs who wears pastel color nursing scrubs . After an hour of waiting we were ushered in to the doctor’s cubicle and examined the kids.

Final diagnosis was a viral infection on their respiratory system. The doctor prescribed medication for the kids to take for the next few days and discussed home management so that their immunity remains high. It will ensure faster recovery.

Glad that before the weekend came, both kids are up and running more than usual.

outdoor actvities for the kids

Summer’s here. The time where the kids expect a lot of outdoor activities to do. Yesterday, after their scheduled examinations at school have ended, they were suggesting places they would want to explore. You know how kids can be adventurous. It’s a good thing the hubby had  installed suv bike rack on the car because there was this place just outside the town where trails are great for biking and hiking. Surely, it will be an adrenaline pumping activity for them.

Getting kids to be active outdoors can provide a more healthier bodies for them. It will veer them away from too much exposure to computers where health hazards have been on alert. Plus, outdoor fun induces bonding moments for the entire family.

Lap Band Surgery to Control Weight

Parents from my youngest daughter’s school had been invited to attend a lecture on healthy living. The speaker, a doctor and a dietitian speaks eloquently and articulately, the audience have been so adept in listening. Topics presented have been so interesting, she opens up by sharing unto us how one of her patient undergone lap band surgery to control obesity. Obesity, as we all know, has been linked to numerous medical illnesses such as heart diseases, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

The interactive lecture then progress as the good doctor asked the audience how well they keep maintaining a healthy body. The speaker also focused on achieving a healthy body via a dependable weight-loss program.

Lifestyle Change.

  • There is no such thing as social or moderate drinking. Some wines and alcoholic beverages have flavor such as sugars.
  • We know the risk that smoking posed on health, so, if you wanna quit, quit smoking now. Smoking has been attributed to lung cancer, heart diseases and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD)
  • If day job limits a person’s movement, having to sit long hours in the office, use the free minutes allowed to do various stretching, walking, and other form of short form exercises to burn off extra calories.

Food Management.

Know what you eat. Read food labels and the nutritional value of every food item. Though most of the vitamins and the nutrients can be found on vegetables and minerals, it is also imperative to know which among them can provide low glycemic index. Knowing this, we can control the amount of carbohydrates we load us to sustain energy needs.


In order for the weight-loss program to be successful, dieting is enhance by a regular exercise. It hydrates the body of toxins through sweat. It regulates body temperature. Exercise burns off excess calories by converting fats into firm tissues.