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“Olivia” Billboard Revealed

The hype “Olivia-will-you-marry-me” billboards kept abuzzing the Net world for few days now. Now the mystery has been finally revealed.

Did you guess it right?

Some kind of an advertising campaign, right? It surely caught the attention of the public. People got curious to know what is it all about.

Kudos to the ad agency for such a brilliant idea.

Beats by Dre Goes Live

Music lovers hear this.

Beats music

We all know that music producer Jimmy Iovine and rapper/hip-hop producer Dr. Dre had collaborated in what is known today as Beats by Dr Dre – a new generation headphone which after its launched in 2008 had become a fashion accessory. One is even willing to shell out $300 to get one!


Now. Next in line with the tandem is what else -online streaming industry! Iovine and Dr. Dre believes that if they can sell headphones like hotcakes, they can penetrate the too crowded music industry and took a share with giants like Apple’s iTunes and Google Android into music streaming via Beats by Dre.

How to Deal with Discounts

Wonder what’s in store for this year in the fashion industry. Shops are enticing customers with their end-of-season sale. Discounts are too tempting offering as much as 50% to 70% discounts on apparel and also with shoes and accessories.

Am I to shop? That is the dilemma. Especially when I found a tuxedo vest which is perfect for my son’s coat. There’s also some good ties with great designs up for sale. It’s hard to find a good buy come Prom season. However, I had to give up the chance because son could still use the old ones in his closet.

I don’t think it’s smart to buy when there are old pieces that can still be use. I personally think that it’s a waste of money buying stuff that we don’t necessarily need at the moment. We must try to remember our priorities when buying. Discounts come and go. Our money won’t.

5 Useful Power Tools for Housework

Technology has changed the face of housework. Dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and vacuum cleaners are appliances our great grandmothers probably didn’t even dream about. And housework is only going to get easier! The future holds such things as a fridge that can automatically reorder food as it is removed; washing machines that can be operated from a mobile phone and vacuum cleaners with cameras and sensors that allow it to navigate and clean your home without your help!

The days of sweating and labouring over the housework are well and truly over. There are just so many excellent tools to make housework easier and to save time. Check out STIHL Australia to find out some of the most up to date options available.


Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners now come in all shapes, sizes and price brackets. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are probably the most versatile available. They will clean everything from the plush carpet in your bedroom to the grunge on your garage floor. Next time someone has a spill you simply bring out the wet and dry vacuum cleaner. You can even use it to clean out your fireplace.

They have very powerful suction capacity and are as effective with liquid as they are with dust particles. The designs continue to improve and have become increasingly easy to use and move around the home.

Steam Mop

The steam mop has revolutionised mopping. It uses steam rather than chemicals to create sparkling clean surfaces, so no more chemical smells in your home. It creates incredibly clean and sterile floor surfaces for the safety and enjoyment of your family. And the cleaning power comes from the steam not from your elbow grease. The other advantage of the steam mop is that floors dry almost instantly. The heat from the steam mops acts to loosen stubborn dirt and stains so you can clean your floors quickly and easily. And there is absolutely no streaking with a steam mop as no cleaning solutions are used.

Washing Machine

Gone are the days of beating clothes against rocks or scrubbing them up against a washboard. Today’s washing machines are a technological marvel and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. What once took a whole day is now a simple matter of set and forget.

Before you purchase a new washing machine it is a good idea to do your research. There are many organisations that provide up to date reviews about washing machines and their performance. They rate things like which machine gets the cleanest clothes, rinses most thoroughly, uses the least amount of electricity and water, is the most gentle on your clothes and gives you the fastest wash time.


Dyers are similar to washing machines. There are a plethora of styles available. Do your research and you will find which one will best suit the needs of your family.


For verandah cleaning and also cleaning of showers, the gerni is a power tool you simply must have. It will clean surfaces better than you ever could. Get one!

Surfing At A Wifi Hotspot

The effect of power outages due to typhoon Santi. I need to clamber up the city to find a Wifi hotspot. I thought it’ll be very easy to find a cybercafe. However with the city still reeling on power failure -with power relying only on stand-by generator sets – I had to queue for a vacant seat at Gloria Jeans.

Good thing, we went to the city tagging my laptop with me -as I had thought the lone Internet shop in the city mall would be packed with people. Oh! Yeah. People lining up could be a hundred meters! True.

Gloria Jeans was the only shop that has good Wifi service. After nearly an hour of waiting outside the shop’s glass door, I was given a seat.

And, my order was tabbed. Php 280 for an Iced Coffee and a slice of Sansrival. Good thing the slice was generous and was quite delicious.

gloria jeans

Such was the price of Internet when power is down in most parts of the town/province.

Slash Ibiza Getaway

I was looking for high school class rings to use as commemorative souvenirs for an upcoming reunion. Went visiting a couple of sites with great images of jewelries made from various metals. Had had so many inspiration. I did filed up few images to show my old classmates.

Meanwhile, while browsing my favorite online shopping network, I came upon great deals today which was overly tempting. Bags-tote and handbags- were all in the deals-row. Yay!

I wish the husband could let me use his card for just one tote :) Promise, it wouldn’t be as pricey as these two designer totes that rocker Slash is carrying. And, Oh. Don’t you think Slash is uber cute carrying all those pricey totes (one is the ever familiar Neverfull Louis Vuitton) ? I wonder where’d he put his guitar?

slash vacation

Careful Slash, you don’t wanna mess them or else the girls would scream like crazy and end your Ibiza vacation.

BBQ – Choose Your Grills

When it comes to grilling the choices are many – charcoal, gas, wood, electric – each method has it’s fans and many a battle has been fought over which is the best. Some folks even have more than one grill, using charcoal for BBQ and gas grills for everything else. The options are endless. One thing almost everyone can agree on is that grilled food tastes great – grilling lets the true flavor of the meat, fish or poultry take center stage and grilled food is generally easier and less time consuming to prepare.


 When you serve grilled food the entire meal and pace of the event can be more relaxed – most grilled foods are quite forgiving and do not require precision preparation and presentation. Meat in particular tastes much better when it has been allowed to “rest” – this means that after cooking, you let the meat sit  for as little as ten and as many as 25 minutes. This allows the meat to retain the succulent juices, rich flavor, and moisture that is otherwise left on the cutting board if you cut and serve it too soon.

It can be tempting to slice and serve meat while it’s hot – set the knife aside for at least ten minutes and you will find the meat easier to slice and far less “runny” because the juices have been reabsorbed. Searing meat, fish and poultry helps to retain flavor and moisture and is one of the secrets to grilling success regardless of your grilling weapon of choice. Another handy grilling secret is to use olive oil on vegetables and fruits – this keeps them from sticking to the grill basket and helps to seal in flavor. Spray olive oil or vegetable oil is handy for any metal surface which may come in contact with the grill.