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Egg Fried in Australian Open Court

This was posted by an Australian TV show in the heat of the Australian Open…

Fry egg in Australian Open
Yes. Literally, the tennis tournament is in heat. Athletes braving Australia’s hottest temperatures. One player was reported to have collapsed in the open court. Too many surprising matches had come out, upsetting even seasoned player like Serena Williams.
Can the weather be blamed?
It would be exciting watching one of the tennis matches, but, with the scorching heat, I’d rather watch under a covered roof and just be content listening through a harbinger ha pa system.

I don’t want to get fried like that egg :)

Cement World: The 5 Largest Buildings Constructed in Australia

The Eastern States of Australia currently boasts the largest buildings. People worldwide have always had a fascination with large or tall buildings. These buildings become a part of history and it is interesting learning of their construction and the reason behind their design and colour scheme. These iconic buildings are used to live in, to worship in and to work in. They have become a part of daily lives.

Q1, Gold Coast, Queensland

Q1 Building Australia

The towering Q1 lays claim to being the 5th tallest residential building in the world. At 323m high with 78 levels, it was constructed in 2005. It is also the second tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Its design was inspired by the 2000 Olympic Torch and takes its name in honour of the Australian 1920 Olympic sculling team – Q1. Its glass finish gives a sleek glossy look. Skypoint is the Observation Deck located on levels 77 and 78 giving 360 degree views north to Brisbane, south to Byron Bay and west to the Gold Coast Hinterland.

120 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria


Constructed in 1991, this 265 metre skyscraper was built in the Art Deco style of New York’s Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building. It is used as office space and is tenanted by many high profile businesses. It has a floor area of 65,000 sq. metres.

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne, Victoria

St. Patrick's Cathedral

This example of Gothic Revival style of architecture commenced construction in 1846 and was completed in 1848. It is based on the magnificent medieval churches in England. At 103.6 metres in length, it is fractionally shorter than St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney but is the tallest and largest church building in Australia with the central spire standing 105 metres tall.

K Mart Distribution Centre, Truganina, Melbourne, Victoria

Located in Melbourne’s largest industrial area and covering 76,735 sq. metres in footprint size, this 366 metre long building was purpose built as a warehouse for the K Mart brand.

Eureka Tower, Melbourne, Victoria

Eureka Tower

Located in Southbank, this 297.3 metre skyscraper was completed in 2006. Named after Australia’s Eureka Stockade of the 1854 gold rush era, its colours represent the gold found, the blood spilt during the rebellion and the blue and white of the Eureka Stockade flag. The first 9 floors are made up of car parking spaces, as being built in close proximity to the Yarra River, the water table made it impossible to build a deep basement car park. Construction used the innovative 2-floor Lubeca jumpform system to halve concrete placing, halve work time and halve the core joints.

All of these buildings may be eclipsed by the yet to be constructed tallest building in
Australia. The Victorian Government has given the go-ahead to build a 108 storey building towering 388 metres high in Melbourne’s Southbank precinct. After many objections, this building takes its inspiration from the Australian Flag and will be completed in 4 to 5 years. With any construction undertaking, it is important to get the right support and use the right products. Locally and globally, can help with shoring, ground support and propping systems.

Slash Ibiza Getaway

I was looking for high school class rings to use as commemorative souvenirs for an upcoming reunion. Went visiting a couple of sites with great images of jewelries made from various metals. Had had so many inspiration. I did filed up few images to show my old classmates.

Meanwhile, while browsing my favorite online shopping network, I came upon great deals today which was overly tempting. Bags-tote and handbags- were all in the deals-row. Yay!

I wish the husband could let me use his card for just one tote :) Promise, it wouldn’t be as pricey as these two designer totes that rocker Slash is carrying. And, Oh. Don’t you think Slash is uber cute carrying all those pricey totes (one is the ever familiar Neverfull Louis Vuitton) ? I wonder where’d he put his guitar?

slash vacation

Careful Slash, you don’t wanna mess them or else the girls would scream like crazy and end your Ibiza vacation.

What “You Oughta Know” about Alanis Morisette

Whatever happened to Alanis Morisette?

Apparently, she’s been spending some time at the beach under the scorching Hawaiian sun.

The 38-year-old singer was seen in a Hawaiian beach strutting in a skimpy bikini on May 4. She was playing in the sun with her husband, Mario “MC Souleye” Treadway and their 2-year-old son.

Morisette earlier hinted this slice of her life on a tweet on May 3, saying: “Happy birthday to my angel husband. Xooxoxox” with an accompanying Instagram photo of her and her husband kissing in a peaceful beach at the backdrop.

The couple, it was revealed, is celebrating their third wedding anniversary on May 22. So that gives us the clue that she’d probably be staying in Hawaii the whole month of May.

So for those who want to catch a glimpse of THE Alanis Morisette, you know what to do and where to go.

And to those who want her to produce new music with the same great impacts as “Ironic” and “Hand in My Pocket” among many others, let’s just cross our fingers that the Hawaiian waters would inspire her to do so.


bumping cars at Baguio City

When we hiked off to Baguio City last December to celebrate Christmas there, we had all the best days of our lives just going to places, and dining, and some shopping. Best of all, we all had the time to bond together.

Even the simplest activity like riding bump car along with my little daughter is a chance I never let to pass. So before checking out that ludwig drums at musicians friend to give as gift to a friend on Christmas day, we hurried off to the recreation center at Burnham park and bid our time laughing, screaming and bumping each other’s cars.

Bump cars is at 50 PHP for every 10 minutes ride. The recreation center can be found at the center of the biking area in Burnham Park. There are a whole lot of things to do there aside from bump cars. Rolling skating, and some other kiddie fun rides, too.

Two Iconic Landmarks in the coming 2012 Olympics

In the coming days, a hugely significant event will be witness by more or less 4 billion people around the world. The event, in which countries normally placed a bid prior to the selection of a host country is a highly contested event. Top considerations are placed before coming up with a winner host country. And, this year, the Summer Olympics will be held out at London. All eyes have been set for the host city since its inception to host the sporting event.

Developments have been set out in preparation for the Olympics. Though, there has been many criticism about the spending as there were European countries suffering from economic crisis, the city of London has placed no barrier to reshape its landscape –constructing facilities to accommodate such an enormous event.

Such facility was the Olympic Park which was constructed 2 miles off from the heart of London. There, in the neighborhood of East London, the Olympic Stadium and the London Aquatics Center were built to lodged the different sporting events and activities of the 2012 Olympics.

The Olympic Stadium…

Photo grabbed from

The London Aquatics Center…Can’t wait to see Michael Phelps paddle his way off to garner new set of Olympic medals.

Photo grabbed from

Two iconic images that will surely redefine the image of the city. Two engineering marvels all set for the 2012 Olympic games.

Every one is awaiting the opening ceremonies on this 27th of July.

Duty Free Philippines outlet @ Manila Ocean Park

We find this small Duty Free Philippines outlet at the Manila Ocean Park when we visited the Oceanarium last week. The kids’ eyes widened and brightened when they saw familiar chocolate boxes.

Whew! Not in these days when exchange rate is 43+ pesos to a dollar. Besides, the duty free outlet is such a small shop with few knick knacks. So unlike the Puregold @ Clarkfield Pampanga (near SM Clark) where you can find as many items (imported and “not so imported”^_^) you could think of. I always enjoyed duty-freeing there.

But, for our tourist friends and local tourist like us, the outlet at the MOP is a sweet treat especially at the end of MOP tour :)

trekking the Sierra Madre

The college daughter posted lots of photographs in her Facebook account earlier and suddenly we missed her all the more. She hiked off to that mountain range last Wednesday along with 2 school mates. They were to study the biodiversity of certain types of plants and particularly rodents in that area. Part of their proposed thesis.

The mountain range was part of the Sierra Madre mountains. They were in the Nueva Vizcaya (Northern Philippines) area, the start-off of their week-long trek in the area. We were worried as there were areas where there’s no communications signal. Plus, weather forecast says rain will continue for the next two-three days in most northern parts of the country. I prayed that she and her company wouldn’t get sick and that the nemo tents they brought would protect them somehow.

We called her earlier when they bought food supplies in a small community, and, somehow, we were a little comforted because the chairman in the community were so kind as to provide them with two residents that will serve as their tour guide.

I prayed that daughter will be home by Monday. She surely deserve even a week break from her studies.


circling the long way down to Lucban

Finally, I got the rest I needed after traveling to Lucban in haste. We left our place (Nueva Ecija) Thursday, 9 in the morning and after skirting through different southern towns, we reached the Baguio-like town of Lucban. We chose to traverse via Manila this time, paying as many toll fees as we try to evade roads with traffic build-up. Starting at SCTEX, then NLEX, then, SKYWAY, then, SLEX, then, STAR Tollway. Whew! Costly. The backdoor route via Marcos Highway could have been free from too many toll fees :)

But, my companions wanted to be more adventurous by discovering new routes. We ended up exiting Sto. Tomas, Batangas and then, when we reached San Pablo City, we missed our turn and ended up crossing too many Quezon Provinces; Tiaong, Candelaria, Sariaya, then finally reaching Lucban town at 5pm. Circling the long way road…

Though, the visit to the place was too tiresome, the moment we arrived at the small town, relatives and friends treated us with so much foods that I had to beg off and retire to bed at 11 pm in the nearby Plaza Rizal Hotel.

Fourteen hours of travel, back and forth, whew! But the few hours we’ve spent there were amazingly filled with FOODIE GALORE!

The famous Lucban longganisa, the pancit habhab, the suman tamales, their local bread called bonete, and many more delicacies. I would want to eat more, but, only the stomach can allow…we should have stayed longer…oh! there was already a planned visit this May, at the town’s fiesta, the famous Pahiyas Festival…we hope.

Then, the next morning, Friday, after climbing the Kamay ni Hesus grotto and visited some friends, we toured the town’s church (we missed the market) and went on buying few pasalubongs….

Did you know that Lucban has implemented the “NO PLASTIC” use in all shops? Instead, they use brown bags and bayong for every purchases. The use of bayong has been very impressive. The town has minimized their thrash build-up. The town area, despite the bustling people and the many vehicles coming to and fro at Rizal Avenue (main thoroughfare), it was mazingly CLEAN.

Hence, I went home with 2 “bayongs” courtesy of our host. I filled mine with longganisa, broas (lady finger), puto seko, merengue, pancit habhab, and along with small other items. I had also bought postcards and other souvenir items and yes, I bought 3 colorful wide-brimmed hats. Perfect for the sweltering heat this summer.

That was a quick and tiring tour…but, FUNNNN!!!

PS. More on the Kamay ni Hesus post, the Plaza Rizal Hotel (thumbs up for this small hotel which is just in front of Lucban’s municipal hall) review, the pancit habhab and longganisa experience. Yay! I had so much to blabber…but, my house chores were waiting for me.

Will keep you posted on the happenings…CIAO for now…will have to cook the pancit habhab for dinner…