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Vikings Season 2

Vikings season 2 is getting better and better. The TV series continues to impart history and be as educational as in the last series.

The series continues as Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) tries to raid more and more western lands. Giving him the chance to see how other people lives in other lands as contrast to his own people.

Shown in the series also are the struggles of Athelstan as his faith is tested. In Episode 4, Athelstan is nailed on a wooden cross and is awaiting death as punishment for treason.

Vikings Season 2Now on Episode 8, Vikings is a must-see TV series.

And Oh! You shouldn’t miss Episode 7 – the wrath of Ragnar is revealed here.

Bill Seeks to Ban Foreign Series on Primetime Television

I have a lot of friends who are fans of Koreanovelas. They’re happy watching it on primetime TV. It’s nothing bad. Viewers have his/her own choice what to watch on TV. If they’re happy watching the said telenovelas, cool.

However, I hope they’re hearing the news lately that these Koreanovelas, or Asianovela and other foreign TV series will be prohibited from showing during primetime TV once a legislation was passed in Congress.

House Bill 3839, otherwise known as “An Act prohibiting the broadcast of foreign television series, also known as teleseryes, during primetime, while the local television industry is recovering, and for other purposes” was authored by Buhay Party-list Rep. Jose “Lito” Atienza

Atienza further added that foreign teleseryes have been airing on primetime schedules of television companies thereby pushing the time slot of Filipino teledramas on a much later time.

“I know that my proposal will cause controversy, but there is need to regulate the entry of foreign teleseryes into primetime programming to promote local creativity and empower Philippine producers to create content and employ more local talents,” Atienza stressed.

I am not so sure how Asianovela fans will react to this.

My take? Shouldn’t be Atienza addressing local producers? That perhaps they should produce telenovelas that may be similar or more better than foreign TV series in order to woe back our local fans and get to consider watching more of our own locally-produced tv series.

Let’s put on the snare and see who comes out a winner on this issue.

Falling Skies on the Watch

Finally, was able to finished all Season(1, 2 and 3) of the TV series, Falling Skies. Though I knew what was expected at the Season Finale – I did find myself glued to my seat watching it to the very end.

Falling Skies

Season 4 coming in?

If Steven Spielberg is at the helm again – Bring it on!

Can’t wait for the Mason boys and their family drama invade the TV screen.

Vikings: Season 1

Finally, I am done watching Vikings (the TV series). I started last week, stopping on weekends, continued watching on Monday, and finished the last episode on Tuesday. Then, because I find the story interesting, I watched again few episodes.
Vikings -TV Series
I must agree, the Vikings TV series is deprived of the grandeur of such other famed TV series as the Game of Thrones. It even lacks the deep storyline which the likes of Rome and Sons of Anarchy have. At least, in its simplistic historic-saga storytelling, it shows less on capturing sex and violence combined which the likes of The Borgias and Spartacus have. With the Vikings, you’ll be drawn by each characters and how well they lived as normal people at a time when Vikings or Norsemen were considered as uncivilized, barbaric and bloodthirsty warriors.

Vikings is a story (Season 1) that revolves on Ragnar Lodbrok -his family and of their religion, their beliefs, customs and traditions. As chieftain and warrior, it was also shown his desire and his successful raids into unexplored lands -with great emphasis on how great Vikings were in terms of shipbuilding and sea navigation. The series shows drama, relationship, intellectual and spiritual awakening -and, historical accounts -for the series deflects the Vikings we knew from the oral tales.

Vikings Season 1 has 9 episodes. In its season finale, as Ragnar pledge his fealty to King Horik, he’ll now be provided with more ships so he and his team can raid more places.

Season 2 was already in the offing. History Channel is now running the Season 1 in their prime time schedule.

By the way, do you know that the actor who played Ragnar Lodbrok was a model who posed for a Calvin Klein underwear ad in 2002?

Here was Travis Fimmel a decade ago with his controversial poster…
Travis-Fimmel(Check out other Calvin Klein underwear ads that defy all odds.)

And, here was Travis as Ragnar Lodbrok – sporting a scruffy look to play rough and tough in the Vikings.
Travis Fimmel as Ragnar LodbrokHis eyes are the bluest? He’s Australian, by the way. Still a hottie even after the underwear ad.

Breaking Bad Finale

Breaking bad finally bid “Felina”. The final episode was so straightforward, everything you wish for was laid down in a definitive end.

breaking bad finale car 650For one, AMC killed of its anti-hero, Walter White. It’s a fitting end for Mr. White. Not because he’s doomed to die because of his cancer. But because, it goes to show, crimedoes not pay. However, before he goes dead, he set out somehow what it looks like a mathematical killing-spree precision. Starting off with Elliot and Gretchen -I thought that even if Mr. White wouldn’t kill both, he’d set out a punishment for the two that viewers wouldn’t forget. But, then, the fear that were felt by the two by White’s almost sheer intimidation -that was a sweet revenge for Walter.

And, the ricin resurface finally -”Well, goodbye Lydia”, says Walter.  Sweet! Even the machine gun that was tucked inside his hood was cleverly put to good use. Mowing down the Aryan Brotherhood gang before finally pulling a trigger to Jack.

As for Jesse, as much as he wanted to kill Mr. White, he did knew for a fact Mr. White had saved him, taking a bullet for him. Was it a loving nod that the two had exchanged before Jesse exits the scene?

And, what could have been a journey for Walter for making up for Skyler. It was most touching. Finally, he admitted to her that what he had done was for himself, “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really, I was alive.”

Yeah, the brilliant chemist, the teacher who had been inflicted with cancer. Knowing everything went breaking bad, he makes it more bad by cooking meth and making himself a criminal mastermind..

In the end, something had to happen appropriately – Walter White “…got what he deserved.”

Mitoy: Winner of The Voice Philippines

MitoyMitoy Yonting was the first ever “The Voice of the Philippines” winner beating Klarisse de Guzman, Myk Perez and Janice Javier in a star-studded finale which was aired live from ResortsWorld Manila, Sunday night.

The calm but possesses a very powerful voice was coached by multi-awarded Broadway star Lea Salonga.

Mitoy won a cash prize of Php 2 million, a tour package, brand new car, and a four-year recording contract with MCA Universal.

Congratulations, Mitoy!

Breaking Bad Cooking Off Soon

Brilliant badass chemist, Mr. White A.K.A Heisenberg…

This is the scene that tops Season 1 of Breaking Bad. Now on its 5th season’s ending episode (this Sunday)… I hate to see such a phenomenal boob series just poop out…

Vince Gilligan, I say you cook some more for Mr. White and Jesse, pretty please.

Oh! You haven’t seen this 2013 Emmy Award drama series? You’re missing out on all the fun chemistry tweaks :)

For the list of awards for the last 5 breakingly bad season…

Brilliantly done!

Bob Seger On The Voice

It’s nice to see Bob Seger on the finale of The Voice. As is expected, Seger sang his hit single “Night Moves” with the Swon Brothers. Although, I had wished Seger had done a medley of his songs including my very favorite “Fire Inside”. In my opinion, it’s a total signature Bob Seger.

His guesting on the show made me realize I am missing his other songs. Will have to download them later tonight. Including the one which the Swon Brothers sang last week, “Turn The Page”. I hope I won’t break my budget tonight buying new songs from iTunes. I wished to save on the real book at guitar center for the son’s summer camp.