Dixie Chicks’ Not ready To Make Nice

I’m such a sucker for anything country. In fact, I had a friend, the sweetest blogger friend who gifted me this domain, thanks, DHEMZ (I heart you :) ) And, boy! She rocks a pretty, pretty cowboy hat and a cool and hip cowboy boots to boot. Lurve.

Oh, well, she should be rocking like a rodeo because she lives in Texas. Need I say that most of country singers originate in the state?

Dixie Chicks for one. Lead vocalist Natalie Maines, with her husky voice  led the band and hitting the chart top with their country music and infusing bluegrass which I happen to associate with my late dad who listens to Frank Sinatra, and yeah, the great Elvis.

Dixie Chicks often got caught up with controversies regarding their choice of music. While in a London concert prior to the U.S and its allies of the invasion of Iraq, Maines said in the huge audience; “We don’t want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States  is from Texas”. ( Dixie Chicks’ home state).


Because of that incidence, many Americans were offended and banned most of their concerts in the state. Nevertheless, it turned out, great songs managed to hit Grammy’s.

This one’s certainly is one  my favorite…