'Fallout 76' banning homophobic players exposes a bigger problem


When AJ from Chicago found himself face-to-face with homophobic Fallout 76 players who threatened to “eliminate all gays,” he seized the only option that was available: he captured video of the incident and posted it online.

To its credit, Fallout 76 developer and publisher Bethesda Softworks responded swiftly. The homophobes and the leader of their group, a man playing under the username NathanTheHicc, were investigated and subsequently banned from ever returning.

“We gave an initial ban of three days while our [customer support] team looked into the matter further to verify the individuals involved and what took place,” a Bethesda spokesperson told Eurogamer, which first reported the news. “After additional review, we have now permanently banned the players we’ve identified.” Read more…

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Source: mashable
'Fallout 76' banning homophobic players exposes a bigger problem