Final 3 on American Idol

So, okay I got bored watching American Idol. And, honestly, I got more bored watching tonight’s show. At this point of the show (it’s the Final 3, hey!), performances should be wow. As in super wow! Randy even griped that certain performances were lacking in “moment moment”. I feel the same way :(

For every performances, all I can hear from the three judges were, “beautiful, beautiful”. Or, were they playing safe?

Good thing that moment came with Phillip Phillips’ closing of the night performance via Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got Tonight”, and made Randy quipped, “The perfect song at the perfect time and your best performance on the show ever.” Well, I am particularly biased here because I LOVE ME SOME BOB SEGER!

Thanks Jimmy for choosing a power ballad for Phillip. Though, he’s somehow uncomfortable singing it…I’m hoping he’ll be in the Final 2 :)

I’m counting on a man-man face-off at next week’s finale. Hmmm…What’d you think, guys?