Is Matthew McConaughey’s Moondog the last movie stoner?

Harmony Korine’s new film centres around a pothead. Now it’s legal in some states, maybe it’s time to phase out the haze

The Beach Bum looks like all your stoner dreams rolled into one enormous reefer. The trailer is a symphony of intoxication: gas-mask bongs, glowing cannabis plants, Snoop Dogg, a blind Jamaican pilot flying for Chronic Aviation and smoking a joint the size of a parsnip. And holding it all together (or not) is Matthew McConaughey, whose straggly hair, psychedelic beach garb and perpetual state of wild, cackling wastedness mark him out as a movie stoner of the first order.

That order would also include Cheech and Chong, Harold and Kumar, the Seth Rogen/James Franco Pineapple Express posse, Joaquin Phoenix in Inherent Vice, Danny from Withnail & I, Anna Faris in Smiley Face, and – as its high priest – Jeff Bridges’ Dude from The Big Lebowski. The latter made a surprise comeback this week, but it was in a Super Bowl ad promoting beer.

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Source: theguardian
Is Matthew McConaughey’s Moondog the last movie stoner?