'It will kill me' – behind the devastating Avicii documentary

Avicii: True Stories was initially given a small release before the death of the EDM star but now the director discusses its uneasy relevance

The man who got as close as anyone could to the superstar musician Avicii still has no explanation for why he died six months ago. “I have this feeling of unreality,” says Levan Tsikurishvili, who spent four years filming the DJ for a documentary. “I’m still in shock. I don’t have a clear reason.”

But his film offers a startling number of clues. Avicii: True Stories, which will debut on Netflix in the US, UK and Australia on 28 December, presents an unflinching portrait of an artist coming apart. With fly-on-the-wall proximity, the camera shows Avicii repeatedly, and emphatically, telling everyone around him how exhausted, anxious and sick he is. “There was never an end to the shows, even when I hit a wall,” the DJ says early in the film. “My life is all about stress.”

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Source: theguardian
'It will kill me' – behind the devastating Avicii documentary