mythology retold

3rd day of May. Perhaps the ebb day it was. Yet, days before today is what I can call the hottest summer days of all. The heat was becoming too unbearable. Was it global warming?

We don’t wanna get out of the airconditioned room once it was turned on. Then, unfortunate things can happen in the midst of the afternoon heat. The power supply went off. Blaring news from my brother that electricity wouldn’t be restored in an hour or more because there was on ongoing repairs at the power plant station near to us.

Off we went outside afraid that we might be “toasted” inside the house. The heat has been giving me quite a headache everyday. And skin allergies, too. We decide to just stay the rest of the afternoon in the nipa hut. At least, we can get fresh air around. Armed with few pillows and a native “abaniko” I settled to get the most comfortable spot in the nipa hut and set out the iPod and this old book…

Thanks be to the brain around Hollywood where my kids can associate stories of the gods and goddesses. Though, in the lingo that is Hollywood, the movies made out from the stories of those famous myths were far more cinematic and interesting than this book. I should be happy to share a good read of few more personalities that bewitched me since I was in my teen years when I have bought this book at National Bookstore.

In as much as I would want to download an e-book of that paperback into the iPod, I did not. I would want to let my kids know the value of reading. Be it an old book. It doesn’t matter. It’s the content and the stories that matter. This book had fired up my interest in reading. Too many great stories about the life of the great gods. There were excerpt of prose and poetry on every pages, too. The book is an interesting read for your teens who might need a break from cool gadgets. The iPod may keep you entertained. But nothing beats the wisdom you can earn through reading books.

Then, while flipping through Perseus and his battle to find the Gorgons and how he cut the head of Medusa, this home made vanilla loaf I painstakingly baked earlier added to a delightful afternoon…hmmm, the aroma of the vanilla and butter wafted throughout the nipa hut….

Twas, an idyllic afternoon sans electricity…only to be spoilt by the fury of the summerstorm

6 thoughts on “mythology retold

  1. Kero

    Congratulations on your new toy. Ypur daughter is lucky!

    I think that’s an interesting book. I need a fantasy escape for now and will look up on this on the bookstore.

    Yes, i will not trade hard copy for e-reader. I just love the smell of old and new books =)

  2. imriz Post author

    Same here. I enjoyed flipping through the
    pages of the books and smell it haha

  3. Marie

    One of my best buds as a kid along with my mom’s collection of Filipino stories, the encyclopedia, Noli and FIli is this book by Hamilton, reason enough that I can recite in class the stories in it! :)

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