Oscars 2019: who should be the host?

The Academy is yet to announce who’ll take charge of next year’s ceremony, and with dwindling ratings, the time is ripe for a major change

After the nearly four-hour-long 2018 Oscars telecast saw the Super Bowl of Cinema dip to its lowest ratings ever, with 26.5 million viewers marking a 19% drop from the previous year’s ceremony, much ink has been spilled over the supposed irrelevance of the Academy Awards. Every year, the punditry arrives like clockwork, with suggestions that the Oscars’ hemorrhaging viewership is of a piece with broader changes in television consumption (true); that the ceremony focuses too heavily on technical awards like costume, production and sound design (also, perhaps, true); or that, to its own detriment, the Academy honors arty, esoteric films largely unseen by the America public (the jury’s out on that one).

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Source: theguardian
Oscars 2019: who should be the host?