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Call me evil. I get frustrated when instead of the 51″ Samsung Plasma I had been “wanting” all along, I had this 43″ plasma tv. Hubs and me had been discussing and allotting moolah for a new tv unit since October. The debate started with what kind of tv set to get. The choices were; LCD tv, Plasma display, and LED display tv. Reading reviews online led us to scrap LED. It could have been the best choice consider the picture quality and the energy efficiency. But, prices of LED as compared to LCD has been a very huge difference. We were wondering why prices here in the Philippines has jacked up so high for when we browsed prices at international sites, tv prices were low.

And, continuing with our months of debate and after searching endlessly for online reviews to support my views, I have won the battle that led us to bring home this tv set last December. A sort of Christmas gift for both me and the hubs.

To point out, plasma prices were distinguishly low as compared to LCD and LED (only in the Phils. whereas in other countries, all 3 tv system were priced almost at the same level prices.)

Thanks be to plasma vs. LCD review which helped me a lot in the selection process. And, better yet, thanks to hubs for giving in to my whining :)

12 thoughts on “plasma over LCD

    1. imriz Post author

      ha ha, i’ll get the hang over it, jessica. in life, we can only be happy for what we have :)
      thanks for the comment.

  1. Rcel

    yay! happy new plasma! that is huge! ours is only 26″ LCD HDTV. para lang syang computer monitor. LOL

    visiting for yesterday’s challenge! my name is my entry. :)

  2. Dhemz

    ayay, ang bongga nyo te ha….magkano ang ganyan jan te? yung sa amin sanyo…mukhang mas mamahalin tong sa inyo kasi samsung…ehehhe!

    about pala sa tow truck, dko alam kung magkano…automatic deduction na yung cost sa car insurance namin…iba kasi dito.

    1. imriz Post author

      hahayz, mahal nga d2 compared sa mga nakita ko jan nun black friday sale. sony and priciest brand ng tv d2, di namin keri kya samsung nlng, around $800 nga yan e, ung 51″ almost $1100 na…di na kasya budget ^_^

  3. David Holder

    G’Day! Imriz,
    Cool Post Before you visit your local stores, you should do a little research to make selecting the best model for you a little easier. Here are a few tips to help you make the best choice.
    Catch you again soon!

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