posing with Karylle

Saw Karylle being interviewed by Karen Davila on ANC early morning today. I agree with Karen, Karylle is getting prettier. Simple, and yet, she exudes sophistication.

We bumped into her sometime in 2010 in Good Shepherd Convent in Baguio City. I rarely get starstruck, the kids recognized her, they approached her and asked for a photo ops :) Unassuming as she was, she gamely posed and let out a pretty smile.

I then learned through the interview with Karen Davila, that she was in Baguio City that month for a retreat. Perhaps, mending a broken heart. A controversial break-up with an actor.

Fast forward two years after the Baguio retreat, I must say, the happy aura manifest in her eyes…she’s in love, again. I wished a happy ending for this charming singer/actress.

12 thoughts on “posing with Karylle

  1. Deli

    I also like Karylle, very gifted but down-to-earth and simple. At least that’s how she comes across to me during shows, interviews. I also hope she’ll have a happy ending na :) Thanks for the visit :)

  2. Pinx

    about two years ago, she was in Siquijor for a concert in one of the town fiesta’s there. on our return trip for tagbilaran, we were in the same boat. i did not have the chance for a photo opp because she was still sleepy and groggy. hehehe… but she still look pretty though. bpc 47 visit here.

  3. Jessica Cassidy

    is that Zsa2x Padilla’s daughter Sis? looks like the kids are very excited to have there photos with Karylle :-) Visiting from #47 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  4. Rcel

    I like Karylle then. Saw her once at Glorietta, but never dared to ask for a pose. LOL. Seeing her now on TV, yes, I can tell she is blooming. :) Good for her!

    Late BPC 47 visit here!

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