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Enjoying the 3D movie at SM Cinema Baguio City one rainy afternoon of July. Movie was Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds. Not really a fan of comic heroes, but, the day was a lazy day for a stroll in the park, we ended up in the cinema. Nearly get drowse in my seat. Have I not thinking each ticket cost a price too much for a pizza and a soda, I should have preferred dosing off :)

Besides, I had kept my eyes popping not for the thrilling effects of the movie. It’s because I find Mr. “6-pack abs” Ryan Reynolds, too, cute to miss :)

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  1. Ann

    Our movie theatre is VERY reasonable, only $4.00 per ticket before 5:00 p.m. and 6.00 in the evenings. We saw Rise of The Plantet of The Apes today, really liked it. Do like your theatres blues.

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