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Creedence Clearwater Revival on American Idol

Had fun watching the Finale of American Idol Season 11 last Tuesday. Creedence Clearwater Revival’s songs had me stand up in front of the tv and do some swamp rocking :)

I had copied the band’s old cd to the iTunes this morning and is now enjoying their songs. Remember Crystal Bowersox rocked out Long as I can See the Light at Season 9 of the American Idol? Do checked it up if you have missed out her version.

And, yes. Thanks for guesting John Fogerty this season, he and Phillip Phillips rocked the stage with Bad Moon Rising and Have You Ever Seen the Rain .

WGWG squared!

Final 3 on American Idol

So, okay I got bored watching American Idol. And, honestly, I got more bored watching tonight’s show. At this point of the show (it’s the Final 3, hey!), performances should be wow. As in super wow! Randy even griped that certain performances were lacking in “moment moment”. I feel the same way :(

For every performances, all I can hear from the three judges were, “beautiful, beautiful”. Or, were they playing safe?

Good thing that moment came with Phillip Phillips’ closing of the night performance via Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got Tonight”, and made Randy quipped, “The perfect song at the perfect time and your best performance on the show ever.” Well, I am particularly biased here because I LOVE ME SOME BOB SEGER!

Thanks Jimmy for choosing a power ballad for Phillip. Though, he’s somehow uncomfortable singing it…I’m hoping he’ll be in the Final 2 :)

I’m counting on a man-man face-off at next week’s finale. Hmmm…What’d you think, guys?

another dramatic idol season

When TMZ leaked out an “unexpected things” that would happen at last night Idol elimination, my mind fired up. And,the result never came to shock me. It was imminent. Somebody’s “dreams” were going to fizzle off, as I had envisioned as early as top 24 performances.

This is definitely a season where I really do missed Simon Cowell on AI. I am sure he wouldn’t used his “save” vote. Oh well, having watched Idol’s past seasons,  i am sorry Randy, this is not a “ridiculous result”. I must admit, I do value pundits clamoring for Hollie’s exit, even the great Jimmy predicted it will be Hollie, Phillip, and Skylar who would be in bottom three. But, knowing the drama (there’s lots of it on AI, I am sure viewers already knew) and by the way America voted, the results were not as surprising as it was.

It was sort of deja vu (oh, sorry, I couldn’t grab any other word for that) for me as I watched the Grammy and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson in the same spot when she was eliminated in Season 3. Miss Hudson was a constant favorite then, yet, it seems American voters always voted the wrong way. Hey, we gotta respect their freedom. Anyways, it was the million votes that feeds the show :). Remember that Chris Daughtry moment? And, that of of Pia Toscano’s fate, who’s singing voice made viewers cry?

What really do shocked me at last night’s elimination was the “shocked” on the idol’s three judges after Ryan announced that it was Jessica Sanchez who posed a threat of getting eliminated. Oh, c’mon! Well, I don’t have grudges with Jessica. But, definitely, she’s another Pia Toscano. Hohummm…Simon would lashed out his signature remarks :)

Oh, yes, Jessica sings well, actually far too well…as to please the judges, but, not the voters who seems to favor male contestants. As what Jimmy has predicted, and, I bet, other viewers out there, THIS IS YET ANOTHER SEASON FOR A MALE WINNER.

Who are you rooting for on this season 11 of AI?

Top 13 Idol revealed

I missed American Idol’s top 13 selection last night. Thank heavens I caught the replay on our local cable channel this afternoon.

Good thing my early favorites went on to be included in the season 11  of AI. Colton Dixon, Philip Philips, Skylar Laine, Hollie Cavanagh, Elise Testone.  And, what a surprised, Jimmy Iovine was brought out from his “dungeon” to add few critiques to the top 24 performers. Would the producers ever think of giving him a judge’s seat? I enjoyed his honesty. Actually, more of advises for future idol dreamers.

Looking forward to next week’s idol performances. But early on, I am betting on a MALE IDOL winner again this season. Yay!