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needing a new desktop computer

Eldest daughter’s first desktop computer was a super slow Pentium 1 (?) bought second hand from an ex-OFW. It died down after two years of usage. Her next unit came at the time she was entering high school. It had a Pentium D processor, PCI Express chipset, Biostar video card, and other perks which in year 2004 was what we can call “high-end specs”. We cashed out almost 30k for the computer unit including 2.1 Edifier speaker, All-in-one printer/scanner, and a webcam. There has been few upgrades on memory and video card along the way.

Now, that desktop is in the state of obsolescence.

Gonna be 8 years in the service this coming May. Is it shouting for a retirement?

Perhaps. After a motherboard failure in 2010, other signs of impending “expiration” tends to manifest. The husband had been telling me to sell the unit even at a low price before it shows more problems.

I’m at a loss. Not that I do not want to resell the ancient computer. I am in vague where to get  the dough to buy for a replacement. No. Not at this time. Farm crops top the priority for the bulk of our major expenses. Not until harvest time. If I knew the scenario earlier, I should have prioritized the computer instead of the plasma tv. Ouch!

For the moment, I can only dream. I accompany a friend in November last year when he decided to buy desktop computer for his nephew. He gave me the freedom to choose specific specimens for the whole package.

For a starter, I chose this Intel Core i3 processor. I would want an i7, but the shop has no stock.

includes a 12%VAT

When the shop’s technician had finished, my friend paid P30,500 for this computer unit.

huge LED display

Processor: Intel Core i3

Motherboard: Asus P5G41 (check out PC World best motherboard choices here)

Memory: 2GB DDR3

Graphics: NVidia 1GB

HDD: 320GB

Optical Drive: Liteon 24x DVDRW dual layer

Monitor: HP 23″ LED

Speaker: Creative SBSA320 2.1 channel

I opted to write the specs above so I could have comparison by the time I had saved enough dough :) Don’t know when will the time.

For now, I am Googling up shops and packages for more options. AMD processors are a lot cheaper…What’d you think?