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preparing for summer class

On Tuesday, eldest daughter arrives home from Baguio City where she was studying Biology at University of the Philippines. It was the end of the semestral period and I thought it was time she could have two weeks of rest from studying and doing study cases. Where after Holy Week,she’ll be off again for her summer classes. I have never seen her so busy.

We picked her up at the city where she has these two huge trolley bags full of clothes, bags, shoes, and a pair of ugg boots which she told me she bought on sale, and other what knots. She has actually accumulated piles of stuff that she needed to bring home those that are not necessarily needed like old books she used in past semesters. Because this summer, she has to live in the university dorm where she had to share a room with three other girls. Rooms are smaller, hence, there’s no available space for too many stuff.