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budget desktop computer

Even with the comfort a laptop gives, I would still prefer working on a desktop. Besides, with a laptop, I could not really call it “my own”. There’s the kids “forever borrowing” your “toys”…relegating you with their old stuff…

Hence, after all the expenses -tuition costs, shopping for some kids’ stuff and a little shopping spree^_^- I had the chance to have extra savings and asked the good husband if I could used it to buy at least a CPU. As I have posted here, our ancient desktop “retired” already and according to husband’s nephew, hard drive wasn’t responding. Er, he wasn’t sure, though, if there are other components not working. For one thing, I am pretty much sure, replacing defective parts would not make a difference to the salvage value of the unit. Because, for the serviceable life of the old desktop, it’s value had been fully depreciated.

Time for new purchases. Purchases that fits only the budget.

Funds? Half and half.

Thanks be to Paypal funds…thanks be to the husband’s nod…

Let’s see how did I fare up with budgeting and choosing a better alternative to the old Pentium D :)

Intel i3 processor –                5200

ECS DDR3 motherboard –   2300

Transcend memory 2GB-      750

casing –                                     1300

Hitachi 500 HDD –                 3700

19″ Samsung LED monitor – 5350

TOTAL –                                 18600

Obvious omission were; video card and optical drive. Had used the ones at the old desktop. That’s a lot of savings considering the 1GB/128bit video card costs  2,200 to 2, 800 pesos. While the Liteon 24x DVD RW was priced at 1,000 pesos. Saved me at least 3,800 pesos. Also, at first, monitor purchase was not on the  priority list. We’ll just have to use the old CRT monitor. But, the technician hinted that CRT may not be compatible with some software/programs. Though, we didn’t fully believed him, we didn’t want to risk going home with a CPU-only unit that would not work well with an ancient CRT. Besides, the funds can still allow for a good sized screen. We’re bent on looking for 20″ LCD only. We thought it’s a lot cheaper then LEDs. We’re no luck finding one. The computer shop is teeming with customers and their stocks have not been replenished yet. So, we settled for the 19″ Samsung LED Wide.

this lad is too eager…told him the unit was “MINE”…seems like he was deaf ^_^…

It may not be a “powerhouse” unit. For now, it’s what we could afford. The eldest daughter is planning the sell the old desktop to technicians flooding the ground and basement level of Maharlika Building in Baguio City. That’s where she had sold our old motherboard and video card.

For now, we have set up the desktop here…near the router…was planning to convert the old tv rack (behind) into an office station as soon as the youngest daughter allowed me to remove her stuff there.

The idea to purchase a CPU now came when the funds had become available and that my laptop had found a new owner (lad).


Next on the targeted list are:

-UPS with 500 VA rating. We have constant power interruption lately, besides, it shall protect the unit from power fluctuations.

-external hard drive. I need. I want. Pretty pretty please. I need a good storage that I could call “MINE”.

Have to work hard…

needing a new desktop computer

Eldest daughter’s first desktop computer was a super slow Pentium 1 (?) bought second hand from an ex-OFW. It died down after two years of usage. Her next unit came at the time she was entering high school. It had a Pentium D processor, PCI Express chipset, Biostar video card, and other perks which in year 2004 was what we can call “high-end specs”. We cashed out almost 30k for the computer unit including 2.1 Edifier speaker, All-in-one printer/scanner, and a webcam. There has been few upgrades on memory and video card along the way.

Now, that desktop is in the state of obsolescence.

Gonna be 8 years in the service this coming May. Is it shouting for a retirement?

Perhaps. After a motherboard failure in 2010, other signs of impending “expiration” tends to manifest. The husband had been telling me to sell the unit even at a low price before it shows more problems.

I’m at a loss. Not that I do not want to resell the ancient computer. I am in vague where to get  the dough to buy for a replacement. No. Not at this time. Farm crops top the priority for the bulk of our major expenses. Not until harvest time. If I knew the scenario earlier, I should have prioritized the computer instead of the plasma tv. Ouch!

For the moment, I can only dream. I accompany a friend in November last year when he decided to buy desktop computer for his nephew. He gave me the freedom to choose specific specimens for the whole package.

For a starter, I chose this Intel Core i3 processor. I would want an i7, but the shop has no stock.

includes a 12%VAT

When the shop’s technician had finished, my friend paid P30,500 for this computer unit.

huge LED display

Processor: Intel Core i3

Motherboard: Asus P5G41 (check out PC World best motherboard choices here)

Memory: 2GB DDR3

Graphics: NVidia 1GB

HDD: 320GB

Optical Drive: Liteon 24x DVDRW dual layer

Monitor: HP 23″ LED

Speaker: Creative SBSA320 2.1 channel

I opted to write the specs above so I could have comparison by the time I had saved enough dough :) Don’t know when will the time.

For now, I am Googling up shops and packages for more options. AMD processors are a lot cheaper…What’d you think?