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Whois Paolo Coelho

Got this Paulo Coelho book from National Bookstore last week. Me and the little daughter were thinking what to give daddy for Father’s Day. Since I am not fond of reading his detective novels, got this thoughts and reflections book, instead, so I can share the paperbacks when he’s done reading^_^

He’s done reading Paulo Coelho’s bestselling novel, “The Alchemist” years ago. I opted for this book than any other Coelho’s equally famous novels. Yeah, we all love fiction books, okay. Living in this somehow modern and sometimes chaotic realm, one needed¬†inspiration and be inspired.

A paragraph on the book reads…

It is important to accept one’s passions, and not to lose one’s enthusiasm for conquests. They are part of life,and bring joy to all who participate in them. The warrior of light never loses sight of what endures, nor of ¬†bonds forged over time. He knows how to distinguish between the transient and the enduring. There comes a moment,however, when his passions suddenly disappear. Despite all his knowledge, he allows himself to be overwhelmed by despair: from one moment to the next, his faith is not what it was, things do not happen as he dreamed they would,tragedies occur in unfair and unexpected ways…”


Smiling Sally