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trekking the Sierra Madre

The college daughter posted lots of photographs in her Facebook account earlier and suddenly we missed her all the more. She hiked off to that mountain range last Wednesday along with 2 school mates. They were to study the biodiversity of certain types of plants and particularly rodents in that area. Part of their proposed thesis.

The mountain range was part of the Sierra Madre mountains. They were in the Nueva Vizcaya (Northern Philippines) area, the start-off of their week-long trek in the area. We were worried as there were areas where there’s no communications signal. Plus, weather forecast says rain will continue for the next two-three days in most northern parts of the country. I prayed that she and her company wouldn’t get sick and that the nemo tents they brought would protect them somehow.

We called her earlier when they bought food supplies in a small community, and, somehow, we were a little comforted because the chairman in the community were so kind as to provide them with two residents that will serve as their tour guide.

I prayed that daughter will be home by Monday. She surely deserve even a week break from her studies.