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respiratory illnesses

Last week, teenage son went home from school not feeling too well. He said he felt dizzy and he had a terrible headache. Told him to rest and never worry about his being absent in his other classes. I will just have to make a letter addressed to his class adviser regarding his condition.

The next day, he seems okay and decided he’d attend school. By late afternoon that same day, the youngest child went home from her school feeling feverish. For the next two days, both kids shows signs of the common colds and worsening coughs.

We called up their pediatrician’s clinic and asked an appointment. The following day, we brought the two kids to the clinic. There were many patients in queue that day. We were greeted by the doctor’s staffs who wears pastel color┬ánursing scrubs . After an hour of waiting we were ushered in to the doctor’s cubicle and examined the kids.

Final diagnosis was a viral infection on their respiratory system. The doctor prescribed medication for the kids to take for the next few days and discussed home management so that their immunity remains high. It will ensure faster recovery.

Glad that before the weekend came, both kids are up and running more than usual.