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Iron Man 3 on Imax 3D

Catch the charismatic Tony Stark as he sets out on a journey of rebuilding and retribution in IRON MAN 3.

Iron Man 3 3DWe’ve catch the movie on Imax 3D at Sm Baguio’s Cinema last Sunday night. And, boy! we had a blast! Tickets are at 250 Php.

Iron Man 3 @ SM BaguioNeed I say more about the movie? For action movie zealots out there? You’ll feel like glass were like blasting off your face :) Worth the night out with the family.

SM cinema

Enjoying the 3D movie at SM Cinema Baguio City one rainy afternoon of July. Movie was Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds. Not really a fan of comic heroes, but, the day was a lazy day for a stroll in the park, we ended up in the cinema. Nearly get drowse in my seat. Have I not thinking each ticket cost a price too much for a pizza and a soda, I should have preferred dosing off :)

Besides, I had kept my eyes popping not for the thrilling effects of the movie. It’s because I find Mr. “6-pack abs” Ryan Reynolds, too, cute to miss :)

Pictures of  SM Cinema Tickets for Sale