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SM Prime to build mall in Cabanatuan City

After 10-yr negotiation, SM Prime to build mall in Cabanatuan City.

Yes. Finally. The mall giant that is SM will be invading our small city, Cabanatuan City. The city has always been the influx of locals coming from neighboring Nueva Ecija towns. It has been the hub of many a commercial establishments. Thus, for the past years rumors about SM Holdings building a mall here circulated for some times. Definitely, local businessmen opposed the project. Shelving the project off.

Surely, the looming SM plan will be a major threat to other malls operating in the area. There’s just only two malls out there. As per local consumers are concerned, a new mall will definitely be a welcome as there’ll be more choices of shops available.

As to the city of Cabanatuan, a new mall is a new investment…fresh income to the city. This will mean -WORST TRAFFIC! I just hope the city government is gearing up plans how to ease off traffic in the Diversion Road (Maharlika Hi-Way).