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summer skin tips/skin care haul: after shave balm

Summer’s the best time to enjoy outdoor activities. But, beware, while we may be enjoying all sorts of fantastic adventures, our skin gets the most burn-out. Check here for easy skin care tips.

Sun Protection. Too much sun exposure can give us age spots and wrinkles, and, worse, skin cancer. Thus, before going out, make sure to use broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF15. Remember that reapplication of sunscreen every two hours is a must to keep protected at all times. It is also important to stay away from the sun during its brightest hours, from 10 to 4pm.

Skin need TLC. With the countless activities available this summer, we subject our skin to more trauma. In hot summer months try to limit baths or use warm water. As hot water and yes, chemicals used in oils can remove natural oils from our skin, making it drier. Shaving, too can cause dryness. Hence, it is advised to apply after shave balm after every shaving session. This will help protect skin from redness and skin dryness.

Well-balanced diet. As summer also means an abundance of fruits, take advantage of the plenty of fruits and vegetables available in the market. It is suggested in frequent studies that Vitamin C and other phytonutrients found in these food varieties can promote healthy and radiant looking skin.

Avoid smoking and stress. Both of these can effect bad skin. Smoking can dry out skin and caused too many wrinkles. While stress can cause acne and zits which can leave scars permanently.  Remember, a healthy and sound mind emanates from within and can manifest even in our entire body.

protect yourself from summer storms

It was hot and humid these days. Why? It’s summer! The best time of the year to enjoy the sun. Lots of people  consider this season the best time to do outdoor activities. Swimming and adventure sports like mountain climbing, nature trekking, tops the lists of fun things to do. But, Mother Nature, too shares in the fun. Summer weather is as unpredictable as winter season. Loud clasps of thunder and fierce strips of lights envelop what seemed to be a perfect sunny day.

Do not be caught unprotected when going out in the morning thinking the day would be all sunny. Nah! Science tells us that summertime is the time of year when storm warning are high. High humidity and moisture build up in the atmosphere forming clouds which can cause electrical currents. The result, heavy downpour and the tandem of thunder and lightning.

Thus, listening to broadcast about weather prediction is very critical. It ensures public safety as to prevent deaths and property damaged. When possible, stay indoors when the weather bureau announces a storm. And, better believed them even if you see in your window that the sun is shining beautifully. Summer is full of potential storm risk.

Here’s what to do to protect yourself from possible dangers brought about by summer storms.

Stay indoors. Stay in the basement if the storms becomes too unbearable knocking down trees and electrical posts. It is not safe going out. Even coming off with an umbrella is not a safe thing to do. As metal object in umbrellas or jewelries in your body can cause electrocution as lightning attract metals. Saying this, it is better to stay away from metal windows, too and water pipes which are good electrical conductors and may then be electrically charged and caused electrocution when touched. We know how a single lightning can hold up thousands of voltages.Very fatal to the human body.

When staying indoors is not possible, try to cover up for safety when thunder and lightning strikes. Never subject yourself from spaces where it can be prone to lighting strike. You are not safe on tents or canopies found on beaches. As again, metal object can attract electricity. Avoid taking shelters on trees, too. Never underestimate the power of lightning. Besides, it strikes in open spaces and on higher ground. Better scramble off to safety as soon as the forecast for the weather comes out.

It is better to be safe than sorry. The old aphorism that other people find cliche, but proves to save people’s lives.

(photo source: http://digital-photography-school.com/15-spectacular-lightning-images)

A Blessed Sunday

Blessed Sunday to everyone.

It was a hot afternoon here in our place. The kids are in the family room. Much to my disapproval, they opened up the airconditioning unit. I told them to just open the wide aluminum door for the fresh air to come in. They further added, my idea defeated the purpose for which the AC unit was installed. Seems they wouldn’t hear any of my pleas.

Expecting again a surge in my electricity bill. And, it’s only halfway through March. The summer season here last up until the last of the red onions have been harvested. The height of the rising temperature comes in mid-May. From there, there could be occasional drizzle which could only make the atmosphere warmer. Such is the summer here.

On a positive note, the heat of the summer months provided an abundance of local fruits i.e ripe mangoes, huge watermelons, star apple, cantaloupe, papaya. There’s so many fruits available in the market when we went to purchase food supply this morning. I happily grabbed assorted fruits, and my, the mangoes were super sweet at fifty pesos per kilo.

And, because it was a weekend, I cooked biko and pancit for the whole gang. And here’s my plate yesterday at siesta time…

Slice of biko (glutinous rice cooked in brown sugar and coconut cream) and a slice of the yellow mango. I got super delighted when those two reach my palate, that prompted me to post the above photo in my Facebook wall :).

And, so, that was the story of the biko and it shall remain a history for now, because as I checked on the fridge this morning…all that remains was the plate. Uh-oh :)

And, the whole gang was asking for more. It was a Sunday. Another great day for spending time with the family. Thus, it was meant to be a meal treat. Great thing, I got “helpers” when they wanted pork barbecue for lunch…

…while I did this chicken alfredo, a poor knocked-off from AllRecipes.com. (You might wanna check my food blog later today as I blog about how’s its done.)

And, yo! With creamy pasta served to my forever hungry family, I bet, they’ll asked for more. Again and again :)

Good food, sunny afternoon = DVD time. In as much as I wanted to watch “The Borgias” on a pirated DVD  I bought two days ago, the kids had finalized their choice…

The funnyman, Spongebob :)

PS. (Just a thought in passing)

About the pirated DVD? It is not like I advocate piracy. The thing is, the Optical Media Board has not been as triumphant as to the rampant sale of unlicensed DVD in the market. As I am responsible for my unlawful act on buying a pirated DVD, gosh, there are a million peeps out there who are buying as well. I’m sure if law is enforce properly, I, for one, would not risk myself getting caught with a pirated DVD.

What have you been busy this weekend, guys?

My share for today’s


outdoor actvities for the kids

Summer’s here. The time where the kids expect a lot of outdoor activities to do. Yesterday, after their scheduled examinations at school have ended, they were suggesting places they would want to explore. You know how kids can be adventurous. It’s a good thing the hubby had  installed suv bike rack on the car because there was this place just outside the town where trails are great for biking and hiking. Surely, it will be an adrenaline pumping activity for them.

Getting kids to be active outdoors can provide a more healthier bodies for them. It will veer them away from too much exposure to computers where health hazards have been on alert. Plus, outdoor fun induces bonding moments for the entire family.