What’s the buzz about Facebook’s Timeline

My time is up. I have been stalling Facebook’s Timeline long as I can remember. I guess, even if  I hated this visible change on Facebook, I am stuck with the new feature, that is one week from today.

Facebook has been all over my profile page telling me I have until April 13 when my profile will be updated via Timeline. Whether I like it or not. There’s no turning back.

I am not thrilled at all. I don’t know why Facebooker would want to “force” it out on its 800 millions users. Why not keep the options open? Have the Timeline for those who want it and keep the old interface to anybody like me who’s just as content and happy with how my old layout Facebook looks? Can anybody not exercise freedom here :) Or, has the new Timeline paves a new way for Facebook to add more ad campaigns? Privacy really is a thing of the past. Oh, that’s another post :)

Well, what Facebook’s Timeline has got to be its biggest change so far is that Facebookers will experience an interactive autobiography online. For a start, a huge banner image on top of each profile can be uploaded.

What, exactly is Facebook Timeline?

Timeline is a new kind of Facebook profile that lets Facebookers share stories of their lives via posts, photos and life events as they happen in reverse-chronological order. For me, it’s sort of a personal blog or an enhanced digital scrapbook.

Get Timeline.

If users hit “Get Timeline”, there’s not turning back. But, users have seven days to “preview” what’s in your account and gets a chance to select what to publish or delete or “hide” before anyone else sees them.

What happens after hitting Timeline?

All album photos, wall sharing, postings, personal information that users have shared onto Facebook. If you don’t want to let anybody know about certain posts or photos, it is the best time now to review your account for it to go live.

Of course, even with Timeline, users can restrict which people who can see their status updates or every pieces of information they shared via Facebook. There’s the drop-down menu that lets users to filter who can see those data. Users also have the option to delete what they share. There’s a pen icon next to every posts where users can opt to delete or remove items.

Timeline may give few exhilarating moments for its million users.  For the next few days, I guess, I will be busy “editing” what should I publicly want to be published on my Facebook page. There are just some “nasty” posts out there that I regretted I should have remained “private” at all.

Good thing, I still have seven days to see it privately before other users can see it.

You got my head spinning looking at my wall posts Facebook…I feel like the posts were kind of “all over the place”.

What about you? Have you been enjoying your Facebook Timeline?



3 thoughts on “What’s the buzz about Facebook’s Timeline

  1. Josie

    the reason exactly why I kept two separate accounts, one is for personal(private) which I only shared my activities to families and closest friends, and the blogger acct which is open to the public and usually have all my blog activities for contents..

  2. imriz Post author

    i’m beginning to consider creating another account for blogging purposes, too :)

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