working alfresco

Because summer’s here, I made up a “working table” on our nipa hut. I set up the table mainly for two reasons:

  1.  To save up on electricity bills. When everyone is out doing all their stuff, I’d be left alone in the house, and, does the thing I love the most. Tinkering with my computer. If I’d be lucky enough to have “gigs” (writing stuff) to do, I will spend the rest of my solitude clicking mouse and keyboard. I guess, the newly found workplace will be “more energy” efficient, as, I do not have to worry about turning on the ac, or the tv. A bad habit when I am inside the house. Multi-tasking, along with those power-hungry devices :) Outside, it’s a free breeze.
  2. To rest and to work. See the rattan hammock? Yay! Me and hubs’ (and the kids, too) favorite space. Of course, I do love the comfort that the sectional (with a chaise that’s super inviting) gives, but, then, I will ruin my reason #1 :) Out here in the nipa hut, I can have long naps by the hammock and afterwards, I can work on with the lappies. Fresh air, nice view of the trees, the flowering plants in the garden, and the view of the farm on one side. While away my headaches.

Gee! Why haven’t I thought of this in the past? Might be because of those “blood suckers” that usually comes out at twilight time. Dengue’s too scary :)

I will surely be relishing my free afternoons here. Well, NOT ALONE. Because, there’s our cat, “Poknat”, who seems to take fancy on the new alfresco working space :)

8 thoughts on “working alfresco

    1. imriz Post author

      haha, super ambisyosa nga yang si poknat namin, as soon as he sees the arrangement, nauna na siya magrest on the table.
      btw, there’s too many mosquitoes at night, kaya less tambay when its night time na :)

      thanks for dropping.

  1. Dhemz

    ay ang sarap naman nang work area mo te….fresh na fresh yung hangin…kaka envy!

    I did not know may pusa pala kau…at ang cute nang pangalan,…..hhehehhee! thanks for joining BPC te…sensya po at d pa nakapagbloghop…busy kasi lalo pag spring break…babawi po ako soon…thanks for dropping by…mwah!

  2. Jessica Cassidy

    that looks so refreshing to work Sis Imriz :-) even the cat is relaxing too. I miss this kind of scenery :-) Visiting from #76 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  3. Adin B

    Looks like your cat is the one really enjoying the space. Love the hammock. I bet I could get some really nice naps there. hehehehe… :) I had dengue once when I was around 8 or 9 so it was not fun at all. Stay safe! :) Visiting late via BPC.

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